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indian redneck parrot

  1. M

    Is the baby a male or female?

    I want to know the baby’s gender. The mom is violet turquoise and the dad is violet and this is what the baby looks like. Is the baby male or female?
  2. P

    IRN territory training (sad update #4)

    Hi! I have a 10mo old F Indian/African Ringneck hybrid and a couple of months ago we added a green cheek (M 3mo old) to keep her company while my partner and I are at work. After quarantining them, we brought their cages into the same room. They are practically the same model cage, so look quite...
  3. treengyn

    Getting my bird to like Head Scritches!! Help

    Hi! I’ve had an Indian Ringneck Parrot for 6 months now, i’ve tamed her a bit but she doesn’t let me give her head scratches and I really want to figure out how to train her to like it. She often lets me kiss her, and she likes to go on my shoulder, but she is still scared of my finger and...
  4. Elmafudd2

    Intriqued Ring Neck!

    Hello all, We hoped you had a good blessed and enjoyable Christmas! Just a quick question, Sky our not terribly tamed blue Indian Ring Neck is utterly fascinated by our newest family edition Yoda the Eclectus. We have been keeping their cages well apart so that they can get used to each other...
  5. O

    Urgent I.Ringneck Help Needed

    Hello! So I recently got a Indian Ringneck as my first pet a week ago, which as ive heard wasnt the best idea bcs of how hard they are to tame. But i do think that i have a disadvantage as this is what mine is like everytime he sees you, he’ll jump all around the cage and start screaming He has...
  6. A


    I’ve noticed that my 15wk 3day old Indian ringneck has started regurgitating his food today. He did it three times today. Once was a whole nut. He’s acting himself and flying like nothing is wrong. I contacted my avian vet, who told me that if he is acting normal that I should just keep an eye...
  7. S

    special needs Ring neck / antisocial behavior

    I recently adopted a special needs Indian ringneck who is three years old, was born with one deformed foot and at some point had their other foot broken and not set properly which has now left it mostly unusable save for 2 of the appendages. She came to me from a woman running a bird rescue...
  8. enms

    Help out Blu

    Hello everyone! my baby Blu is around 4 months old and when he got in his cage he was trying out some acrobatics. He hurt his beak a few weeks ago climbing on the cage but I cured it with Neosporin. Now it looks a bit different any suggestions?( note he only goes in the cage to sleep and when I...
  9. A

    Taking an Indian Redneck Parrot

    Hi, I wanted some advice on my Indian redneck parrot, Buddy. I have had him for 2 months now and he’s 7 months old, however he’s very scared of me still. I know ( from what I have read) this is quite normal and I should be patient. The only thing I have managed to get him to do is go on a perch...