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  1. M

    Fertile eggs

    Hello! So I have a question, I have a beautiful conure named Buddy, when I adopted her I was told she was male and well after having her for over a year a half she laid eggs! My sister who is friends with the previous owners said they had no idea as she never laid eggs so they always thought she...
  2. M

    I just bought a neglected cockatiel.

    Hi! I bought a cockatiel in a market, they usually sell them without care and basically mistreats them… they come in miserable conditions. I got my bird, she has 2 new scratched both located underneath her wing. She’s only 5 months old, I’m slowly bonding with her, yet she still is startled of...
  3. S

    New bird mom ! Need some tips :)

    Hi there! I’m a senior high school student ! And recently I got a new addition to my family which is Rio ! He is a Green cheek conure and is currently 1 1/2 year old . I’ve had budgies in the past and they were wonderful! When I first met him we bonded immediately! I’ve had him for almost 2...
  4. maounm

    4 year old GW

    I just got a 4 year old GW macaw. He dosent step up and lunges at me its his first day. He was very friendly to his previous owner and comes from a good home. Any tips to bond with him?
  5. Bbybleu


    I need help! So I bought my old budgie (who had now been with me for 1 year) a new budgie and he is being aggressive towards me. He is NEVER like this. Me and him have such a strong bond and he never acts like this. Now it’s attacking me and biting me when I come near his new friend. Anyone know...
  6. N31

    New cage help?

    I bought my budgie a new cage recently, I’ve had him a few yearshe has a tall cage but he never goes further then half way down, spends all his time with one toy even though he has a fair few and rarely comes out of his cage other then to sit on the top. I bought him a bigger cage with more...
  7. vrnkstxx

    Tips for a first time owner of a young female lovebird

    Hey guys! First time posting and first time being a lovebird owner (okay i will be getting her in 2 days but nonetheless). I have previously owned two budgies and a cockatiel so i do have some experience. However, since this is my first time owning a lovebird i decided to ask you some questions...
  8. Grigals

    Baby GCC regurgitating in my ear

    Hi Everyone! I have a 4 month old baby yellow sided GCC named Kirby. Just in the past few days he's been climbing up onto my shoulder and trying to regurgitate into my ear, and only my left ear?? Does anybody have any ideas why or how I can get him to stop?
  9. Littlelovebird

    Hormonal girl

    Hey guys! So I have a 1yr old lovebird and she is soooo hormonal. I only had males in the past and it was really mild hormonal period compare to this so Im a bit unsure of a couple things And I would like your advice! So we reduced daylight time and she spends a good 12-13 Hrs in complete...
  10. M

    What should the super rookie do for the parrot.

    Hi, everybody I'm a super rookie mom about the parrot. My parrot will arrive at my home next week. I have prepared the perch, cage, chewing toy and food for it. It's my first time to get along with the parrot, so I have several questions: 1.when the parrot keeps moving up and down, what's the...