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ceiling fan

  1. J

    My bird hit a ceiling fan, what should i do? (Sad update #8)

    My 5 year old sun conure ran into a ceiling fan i assume last night. I must have accidentally left the cage open while I slept. I woke up this morning and he was weak and could barely hold his head up. Currently he is sitting on me, bobbing his head up and down slowly, and chirping every once in...
  2. A

    911 My bird (cockatiel) got hit by the ceiling fan

    HI, my bird named JD just a few mins ago got hit by the ceiling fan. It is night in my country so all the vets are closed. I have applied a antiseptic healing solution, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW??? Someone please help me
  3. Regina

    How do I stop my budgies from roosting on the ceiling fan?

    Hello! I recently got two budgies named Luna and Kiwi. I'm currently in the process of taming, diet conversion, etc. I let them out of their cage every day, but they always fly up to my ceiling fan (don't worry, I don't turn it on anymore, even when they're in their cage) and stay there. I...
  4. L

    Urgent Help! Budgie flew into ceiling fan-permanent damage?

    Help! I have 2 six month budgies. They are my everything. They love to fly and have tons of freedom. I unfortunately forgot that the cage was open and was working on my computer when one of them got out and flew directly into the ceiling fan while it was on high speed. She immediately fell to...