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help bond

  1. T

    Unsure what to do

    I got a cockatiel almost 2 months ago now and it is no closer to being tame or bonding than it was when I got it. It hisses and bites, and man does it bite hard sometimes, and then just tries to get away. It isn't sociable and I mean that. It doesn't care if someone is with it or not. I don't...
  2. C

    Please help, my bird is scared of hands

    i really want help with an issue i’ve had for the last couple og months. i know the things i’ve had to do is very bad, and i feel like a terrible bird owner, ond day my bird (1 year Old cockatiel) decided that she didn’t wanna get back in her cage so i unfortunately had my mom put her back in...
  3. Nikelbirds

    I need some help

    Ermmmmmm, so I came here in regards to my two birds (who are both in my introduction post if you wanna see them Not sure if this is the right place to ask stuff since I’m quite new but I wanted to say it here So uhm, first of all, I don’t have financial control over what my birds get, they’re...
  4. BabyBirdMa

    Aggressive Abused Conure

    I have 9 birds in total, all rescues: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. October, last year, I rescued 2 of my 4 Conures: A male and a female Greencheek, both 6 years old. They had no names when they were turned in, which I found odd that someone could own birds for 6 years and never name...
  5. Regina

    How do I stop my budgies from roosting on the ceiling fan?

    Hello! I recently got two budgies named Luna and Kiwi. I'm currently in the process of taming, diet conversion, etc. I let them out of their cage every day, but they always fly up to my ceiling fan (don't worry, I don't turn it on anymore, even when they're in their cage) and stay there. I...
  6. Teeko_taco

    Hello, so I need a bit of information

    So 3 weeks ago I got a 8 week old green cheeked (pineapple) conure, his name is teeko, and I also own a budgie who isn’t doing so great at the moment, but I’ve always played around with my budgie I’m a play fight way for the five years I’ve had her, and well because I would play fight with her a...