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  1. JulietRose

    Need a name!

    I’m hopefully going to bring home a blue Quaker this weekend if everything goes smoothly and I need a name. I’m not sure if he’s a male or female (I’m just calling him a he) and I need a name! Names I’m considering are Milo, Cashew, Mango, and Hyacinth, but I’m open to new suggestions!
  2. B

    How do I introduce my Java Rice Finches? Also can you guys help me name my female?

    A few weeks have passed since I got my new boy who I named Fonzie. All seems well with his heath and the female has been fine too. She lost her mate to idk what a week before I got Fonzie. Fonzie loves to sing where as the previous male NEVER sang, he only ever make the "pip" sound. Since I...
  3. I

    Bird names?

    Help me name my new green cheek conure please. I don’t know the gender but we’re calling her a girl.
  4. hrafn


    She's never, ever said it before! She's always saying everyone else's names and talking to them, but I've never once heard her say either Kamara or Mara, and she just said both in my voice, clear as day! I don't know why, but I'm gonna cry I'm so happy. It's like she's accepted her name! She's...
  5. A

    Illigers macaw name

    Just looking for Good names for an illigers macaw
  6. S

    Name ideas pliz?

    Tl;dr version : Name suggestions for either a caique or a parrotlet please <3 Hi guys! I will soon welcome a new member of the family and Im super excited!!! Its gonna be either a caique or a parrotlet. I've read loads about both of them, so Im prepared to welcome them with the best possible...
  7. shasta

    need HELP with name!

    I just bought a 5 month old yellow-sided conure off craigslist and I'm having a really hard time naming he/her. I haven't yet DNA sexed he/her yet so I'm kind of having a hard time coming up with a name that I like. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
  8. B

    Budgie Name Help!!!

    So im most likely to get a budgie! although i havent picked one out yet, i would like name suggestions! i like names that go by color for example: blue budgie- cotton or maybe green budgie- kiwi and so on. can you suggest color names? some names to do with color i mean. personality names ill...
  9. Amanda6

    She needs a name!

    I'm posting a poll on what I should name my new btm, she needs one before she comes home! Please Vote!
  10. S

    What's my kitty name!

    Hello all, I have got a kitten and want a nice name for her.:cat: Does anyone have any idea...Please share with me. Thanks