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  1. Ziekenzie

    Finch Personality

    Hello everyone. I've fallen down the finch rabbit hole recently, and I figured that the wonderful people of this forum would be able to offer answers to some of my questions. 1) Is it true that finches can only be 'tamed' if they are hand raised? What is considered 'tame'? 2) Has there been any...
  2. flyzipper

    Article: Does Your Birth Month Bird Match Your Personality?

    Well, the night owl aspect of January's bird fits me, but I'm not so sure about the rest of it. What bird matches your birth month? Take a look to see which of the birth month birds aligns with your birthday and your character traits...
  3. FeatheredM

    Help me with budgie experiment!!!!

    I want to know if female budgies are more calm or bossy than male budgies, please help me by answering the poll!!! Bossy= kind of selfish, bossy, not afraid to interact in a brave way with other spiecies of birds Calm=let's other birds lead, calm, they know food isn't everything, and they...
  4. Goffinsmamma

    One peculiar parrot

    Hello! I've recently adopted a Goffins named Kiwi from a local animalr rescuer. We know nothing about her age or what sort of life she lived before finding us. When we first met her she was in a room with 2 other 'toos and a macaw and was VERY nervous (we've learned she prefers being in a 1 bird...
  5. HeatherD

    Budgie sibling similarities?

    Hi, I recently got a budgie that has a super fun personality. Its siblings are still available for sale. Do you think it would be worth it to buy one of the budgie's siblings? I know every bird is an individual and there can be gender differences as well, but was wondering if anyone has...
  6. G

    Help choosing

    I am currently hand raising three cockatiels and two English Budgies. I am contemplating keeping one of the birds. I know that typically female cockatiels are more quiet and cuddly than males and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I haven't had any of the birds DNA sexed, but through other...