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Flight training


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Hello all,
I’m looking for some advice on flight training my parrot. After doing a lot of research on behavior and wing clipping I’ve decided to let my bird’s flight feathers grow in. I had a sun conure that was flighted and she got out of an open soo and flew into a tree. Luckily we got her back, but since then I’ve been clipping my bird’s wings. I don’t want my bird now to be deprived of flight, but I want to be safe. I’ve been working on the “fly to me “ command, but she’s not totally getting it. Any advice on motivating them to actually fly to you? I’m trying to lure her with millet, but she’s still unsure what I’m asking. I also bought a flight suit harness for her to eventually wear outside, but currently she hates it.
Another reason I was clipping my bird is because our house is basically all windows on one side so Gumbo will sometimes see larger birds like herons outside and she takes off in a panic. One time she flew into a window and seemed concussed. I’ve been very scared since then of that possibility. I’m thinking of getting anti strike decals for the windows, but should I do anything else?


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I would start by pressing my hand against the top of the cage with a treat in the other, to lure her on. When she gets comfortable, slowly move your hand further and further away and each time repeat the command you want her to learn; until you are far enough that it must fly to you! I hope this helps