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flight training

  1. katm89

    Flight training

    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice on flight training my parrot. After doing a lot of research on behavior and wing clipping I’ve decided to let my bird’s flight feathers grow in. I had a sun conure that was flighted and she got out of an open soo and flew into a tree. Luckily we got her...
  2. papaya13

    Strategies on Allowing Flight Feathers to Grow In Safely

    I'm preparing to adopt a 22YO CAG who has been clipped for at least 10 years. His current owner says he still shows some motivation to fly, and that he'll need another wing clip in about a month. He's encouraged me to clip for the bird's safety, but I'm strongly opposed to the practice and hope...
  3. Rio&Friend

    My budgie is flying over the ceiling fan!

    Hi guys… Whenever I bring my bird yellow colour out he would be a good boy when the fan is off but when the fan is on he would be flying over the fan! I dont know how to control his flight. Please help me! :budgie8:
  4. Clairdelun

    Bird growing distant

    Ive had my tiel since she was 2 weeks old .Now she is 1 year and 5 months old.She used to be very much tamed and liked to hang out with me all day long. Since back then she is the only bird I owned I could pay it a lot of attention. She follows most of my commands and didn't bite. Just one...
  5. L

    Flight Leg Rings

    I am trying to get a few flight training leg rings for my bird. I have budgies, parrolets, cockatiels and Quaker Parrots. I am trying to find the right size rings to get for their little legs. Does anyone know the size to get??
  6. coward


    i have a white faced cockatiel, no clue how old he actually is but the breeders i got him from claim that he was about a month old when i got him and ive had him since late july. i wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how i can just generally train him, if it's not too late. i'm planning on...
  7. charlieboy

    Need help with flight training!

    I got Charlie at a breeder, and I thought they let him fledge before clipping his wings. Well, I was wrong... He is going trough his first molt right now and his wing feathers almost completely grew back in already! He flies super well and even fast, but there is one single yet important...