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free flight

  1. katm89

    Flight training

    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice on flight training my parrot. After doing a lot of research on behavior and wing clipping I’ve decided to let my bird’s flight feathers grow in. I had a sun conure that was flighted and she got out of an open soo and flew into a tree. Luckily we got her...
  2. Tina&Mill

    Suggestions?:Millie refuses to go back to her cage at night/ Is terrorizing family members

    I have a fully flighted green cheek conure, Melisandre. She is a really good bird, except she uses her flight skills as an advantage to get away when its time to go to bed. Every time I try to get her to step up, she will fly away. I enjoy letting her have her flight feathers, because I believe...
  3. Basil♡

    11 week old Quaker is suddenly afraid of me

    Hello, I have an 11 week old quaker parrot (my first ever) that has been nothing but snuggly and friendly towards me since I got him at 7 weeks old. He would look for me and preen me and want to spend every waking moment with me. Yesterday, in order to have him be closer to the commotion of my...
  4. lemonjuice

    how can i let my cockatiel be flighted?

    hey guys! so i have a year and a half old cockatiel named Lemon. I've tried letting his wings grow out so i can train him to fly safely, but as soon as his wings grow out he will have a freak out and do something dangerous. once he tried to fly into a second story window from my loft, and fell...
  5. Beakz

    Free flight

    so I’ve been training with my macaw with the end goal of free flight, I was wondering if anyone knows any groups/ person/ anything of anyone who free flies in Miami, I know it’s a long shot but I’ve been searching every social media and I’ve googled a million times, but There has to be someone...
  6. Birbnoob


    Hello everyone, I currently am trying to tame 2 budgies. They are adults but for some reason they just don't trust me. I read about taming them outside of their cage (I tame 1 at a time) and it took so long to get him back in his cage cause he was a bit distrusting in me. What should I do? To...
  7. T's Bird Gang

    Mom of Four Rescued Conures

    Hello from Arizona, Currently in our home, we have four adopted Conures. All have come from our local rescue organization, TheTucson Parrot Rescue. We currently have, Lupe Guadalupe-a green cheek conure (female 8 yrs), Alvin!-Blue Crown Conure (male 21 yrs), Sweet Pea- Conure (female 3 yrs)...
  8. Reggie

    A Quick Question About Starting "Free-Flight" Time

    I have three budgies in my flock - Jersey, Manny, and Happy. Jersey and Happy are both flighted and I've been having great success with flight recall clicker training. Though when I try to bring them out and set them on my bed, they fly right back to their cage, and don't even want to be let...
  9. A

    Video Cool video of latest technoloy Gps transmitters for Free Flight

    Video of GPS transmitter for Free flight on falcons.