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lovebird breeding

  1. alyxctt

    baby lovebird: should i seperate?

    So my lovebirds have hatched 3 eggs. The eggs hatched around the last and first few days of May and June, I’ll insert photos as to how they look (photos taken a few days ago when I cleaned their nesting box) the blue is the oldest, then the middle and youngest, I guess you can tell which one is...
  2. DeeLoz

    Lutino baby

    Hi everyone im new here and I have some questions I hope I can get. So I have a pair of lovebirds a blue black masked (female) and a peach faced (male). They have had babies 3 times now the first 2 batch all the babies came out like dad Peach faced hybrids but this last batch they had 4 peach...
  3. AllieVital

    Do lovebirds feel sad or confused when you take their young?

    I'm somewhat new to lovebird breeding. This is my second clutch and they just turned 3 weeks old so I've moved them over to their own cage so I can take over the feedings. And basically I'm wondering if the mom feels sad or confused when this happens? Should it be a slow transition where I still...
  4. K

    Meet my lovebirds and help me to understand their needs

    Hey all, I have two lovebirds, one is green and one is yellow. I could not upload a video but my main question is green wants to mate but looks like yellow one does not care about it. Also yellow shreds paper and moves into nest box like green. They are sleeping together in nest box. How can I...
  5. Lucy-Whey

    Is this embryo alive?

    Hi, I candled my lovebird eggs this morning and found one definitely living but the other one I wasn’t so sure about. The veins seem thicker and there was a dark patch. The egg was laid six days ago. Thanks.