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lovebird breeding

  1. C

    Lovebird EMERGENCY

    Hello I’m very concerned about my lovebird, viewer’s discretion is advised, u will be seeing a bird’s underfloof, it looks swollen, he has been showing signs of mating and stuff, so far I was sure it was a he but now I am a little unsure, if you go to my tiktok page @plain0xygen there is a video...
  2. K

    Meet my lovebirds and help me to understand their needs

    Hey all, I have two lovebirds, one is green and one is yellow. I could not upload a video but my main question is green wants to mate but looks like yellow one does not care about it. Also yellow shreds paper and moves into nest box like green. They are sleeping together in nest box. How can I...
  3. Lucy-Whey

    Is this embryo alive?

    Hi, I candled my lovebird eggs this morning and found one definitely living but the other one I wasn’t so sure about. The veins seem thicker and there was a dark patch. The egg was laid six days ago. Thanks.