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  1. DaniDaring

    Urgent (Bit of blood warning) Feather Scare

    My girl Sunny is currently on her first molt, but is also still growing out her clipped wings from before I got her and getting new tail feathers as her baby ones broke at various times. Today, she gave mommy a nice scare. She tried to fly off the top of her cage and hit the floor because she...
  2. M

    Urgent please help my budgie is bleeding from its bum and i сant do anything right now

    i just came home (its 11pm here) and i noticed my budgies bum is bleeding. i never have noticed it until now. the blood is bright red, i have had him for 5/6 years now , hes housed alone and he never had problems up until now (except once, when he had problems with eating 2020 because we had...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Urgent Bleeding pin feather help!

    So I was trying to preen Ms. Bailey using the video tutorials I saw on YouTube. I went to pop a pin feather. I thought it was ready. It was light in color and it started bleeding. It was only a little bit but it still freaked me out. I put a generous amount of kwick stop on it and it seems to...
  4. MPCacatúa

    Urgent HELP! Cockatiel bleeding

    Hey, last night my young cockatiel tried to fly down from the window (she/he does not know how to fly yet). When I picked her up from the floor, she was bleeding from under her tail. We stopped the bleeding with flour. She is acting completely normal but do you guys have any idea what caused...
  5. Veganature

    Urgent Bleeding tail

    I noticed a couple of drops of blood on the floor and upon further inspection I noticed it came from my bird's tail. I found a new feather on the floor with fresh blood at tge tip. I ran cold water over his tail and placed him back on the bathroom perch to see if the bleeding stopped.
  6. J

    Lovebird bit one of his toes off.

    Help please, the lovebird that I'm actually close to bit one of its toe off which made it bleed quite a lot and this happened 2-3 times, as in the bleeding stopped, but then it bit at it again, causing more bleeding. At the time it's not biting it anymore because there's almost nothing left for...
  7. brinney

    Urgent Nail cut too short

    My spouse was cutting our cockatiel Lio’s nails, and cut one too short when he wriggled in his towel burrito. It was bleeding a lot, we put cornstarch on it and it stopped for awhile. The toe got wet though, and started bleeding a lot again. For now it’s stopped, but we’re concerned about him...
  8. Arin


    PLEASE HELP! I found my two baby budgies severely attacked by another bird. I have separated that bird into a smaller cage. The greener baby has its beak loose on one side. I have absolutely no vets near me and I can not travel because of this whole annoying pandemic. The bleeding has stopped...
  9. F

    Urgent lovebird bleeding a lot but now stabilized

    Hello guys. I've just created this account because im really desperate for answers as I dont know what to do, today I went over to see my lovebird thats 2yo, raised by my family, and i noticed blood on the bottom of the cage and he was bleeding a lot from the tail part, I then applied a saline...
  10. T

    Budgie wing bleeding everyday

    When my budgie was born (she was very little) another one of mu budgies got into her cage and bit her wing, I couldn't get there fast enough to stop it. budgie wing bleeding - Album on Imgur Now my budgie has grown up and her wing looks like this, and keeps bleeding, I think it bleeds because...
  11. Emma O'Donnell

    Budgie's broken blood feather won't stop bleeding

    Hello, My budgie, snowflake, has been cage bound for three weeks under veterinarian's orders. He had a fractured wing that needed to heal. Today was the day that he was allowed to come out of the cage and play, but yesterday he managed to escape his cage. I let him stay out and play for a...
  12. B

    Indian Ringneck Nail Cut

    We recently brought our Indian Ringneck home, and I don't think his nails have ever been clipped. They dug into our skin and cut it up so after lots of research we decided to trim them ourselves since just a consultation at the vet is over $100 I know it will happen to every owner at least...
  13. hrafn


    On the cage that Taco came with when I got him, there was a huge hole cut out of one side for the nest box (which I immediately got rid of). I kept it "hidden" from Taco by clamping a blanket around it, which has been working fine until today. I just got home, and Taco was sitting on top of his...
  14. sheeluhwhet

    Peeps pulled off his claw!

    Greeting y'all, I am concerned! Last January, Peeps had the middle claw on his left foot accidentally pulled off completely when it got snagged to a towel at the vet's. It took him about 4 to 5 days before he was back to normal, and no longer standing on one foot. Ever since then a tiny...
  15. hyacinthlove

    Urgent Anybody ever seen this skin condition?

    We had a rough winter and our house was very cold so he had a heater next to his cage to keep him from getting too cold, especially at night. When I first found the scabs I thought he had just scratched himself raw from being too dry (believe me, I was sick about it. I did my best to keep him...
  16. taxidermynerd

    Chirp hurt himself, again!

    So this knuckle-head we all call Chirp has hurt himself yet again! I'm not sure why or how, but he dropped his longest tail feather. I checked and sure enough, he was bleeding! I pulled out my first aid kit and clean the area with a wet cotton ball. Then INSTEAD of styptic powder (I've...
  17. jdmiller95

    Urgent Cornstarch removal after injury

    My bird was bleeding a lot an in stopping it he got covered in styptic liquid and cornstarch. How do I get the cornstarch off of him without submerging his foot that was injured?