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Baby Caique not too playful?


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Hello everyone!

6 Days ago I got myself a female baby black-headed Caique (3 months old) from a reputable breeder in my country, along with a huge cage with many toys and perches.

I was able to choose which baby to take home and this one was just so curious about me so I ended up bringing her home. Overall she is very calm and delicate, as in she doesn't seem too agressive (yet, at least, as I've read around) and she enjoys chewing and playing with her toys in her cage from time to time. She also just learned how to fly, but does not fly very accurately yet :roflmao: . Whenever I take her out of her cage, she seems to enjoy being around me, already steps up to my hand when I want her to (not 100% of the time of course) and will fly to my hand when I call her from some distance (not too much distance as she wants to come but is afraid of taking off :roflmao:).

However, she doesn't seem to be too playful? She enjoys biting on chain-like toys and playing with the famous plastic balls with some "bell" inside when she is in my hand, but for the most part she just enjoys being "perched" near my bedroom window and, when in the living room, to be perched in the central lamp, above everyone's heads. She doesn't stay on "flat" surfaces at all, like my bed, sofa or tables to play with toys, she just starts climbing me up to stay in my hand/arms/shoulders or to fly to a window perch or the living room lamp as I've said. She also doesn't "sing" too much, just makes some funny and sometimes loud noises. She is cuddly tho! She lets me pet her anywhere without harassing me and when she's sleepy she enjoys being covered around her body by my hands while I cuddle and kiss her!

Regarding cage time since I got her, on weekends I make sure she gets as much as I can of time outside the cage. During the week she is left at home with my retired dad while I'm at work. He entretains her and keeps her company, plays with her and changes her food but doesn't really get her out of the cage (I guess he is a bit scared yet) but as soon as I get home, about 6 PM, she stays outside the cage with me, 1 on 1 time, until bed time at about 9 PM.

I'm not sure why she is acting like this, maybe because she is still young and because of a short bonding time still? Can you guys give me your opinion/experience on the matter?
I noticed that as the day goes by she trusts me more (today she started flying to me on command, yesterday she didn't, for example), but yeah, I'd like some opinions to stop being too paranoid about not making her happy enough :cry3:. I left some pictures of her attached!

Thanks in advance!

Moki4.jpeg Moki3.jpeg Moki2.jpeg Moki.jpeg


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Too cute!!!! :swoon:

I actually got my baby in early July of this year and he was very much the same. Always wanted to be on me and attached to me whenever he was out. I think it definitely gets better as they get a bit older. They might not know how to really play with the toys or you're just more interesting to them than the toys right now haha but I would try playing with the toys with him or setting him down with the toys and being near him to give him some confidence to explore and play. Some members suggested foraging activities to me for my bird which really helped him be more independent. I would set him down with a foraging bowl show him treats going in and he'll be engrossed in his bowl.

My boy's about four months old now and a lot less clingy than when I first got him (it's bittersweet I kind of miss him being clingy but on the other hand I can also scroll my phone in peace without him trying to land on my hand every few min :shy:). He'll still fly after me when I leave the room though :lol:


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Your bird is young and still very new to you and your home so I would not expect a heap of playing till it is well settled in- right now the birds focus will be on learning to fly well, eating, sleeping and learning the people and environment around them.

I know the cuddling, petting everywhere and being held in cupped hands might sound cute but it really is not a good, healthy or positive thing to do for your birds health (mental, emotional, sexual and physical), it is best to start correct healthy interactions from the very start so you do not end up with hormone and behaviour issues as your bird matures.