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AAV Household Dangers Series: foreign material ingestion (aka sleeping huts are bad)


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This is a case study put out by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (spoiler alert... sleeping huts are bad for our birds even if it doesn't look like they're chewing it).
The entire series is interesting to me, but this stands out as the punchline...

After pulling the (surgically extracted) wad apart, we could see that the deeper fibers had retained their original green color.
We discussed the discovery with Gogy’s family and asked if they had any ideas about where this material had come from. They did – the fibers matched those of a green, fleece sleeping hut she had used for many years. While she enjoyed spending time in this hut, she had not appeared to chew on it, at least not enough to visibly damage the fabric. I mentioned in a previous post how even birds who don’t seem to be chewing on fleece fabric can still develop a GI foreign body composed of its polyester fibers. This was true for Gogy. The evidence pointed to ingestion and gradual accumulation of these fine fibers over a long period of time. Only once the wad of fibers had become large enough to partially obstruct her GI tract did she develop clear symptoms of illness.

Even if our birds don't look like they're chewing, they're at risk.

That's in addition to the risk of getting tangled in loose threads, and the hormonal triggers that can also happen with small enclosed spaces.