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happy hut

  1. flyzipper

    AAV Household Dangers Series: foreign material ingestion (aka sleeping huts are bad)

    This is a case study put out by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (spoiler alert... sleeping huts are bad for our birds even if it doesn't look like they're chewing it). Chapter 1: Case example of foreign body material ingestion Chapter 2: Gogy gets admitted Chapter 3: Diagnosing GI...
  2. H

    Happy hut replacement woes..

    Hi all I have a male GCC 4 years old , we recently replaced his happy hut as it was looking worn and due to the fact I'm paranoid about him becoming entangled or eating the fibers. Unfortunately he totally hates his new hut, I trawled the internet to find an exact replica but only found one...
  3. ghostpress

    Happy Hut/Cozy

    So I've read in bird psychology articles and general advice for parrot owners that there needs to be somewhere safe for the bird to escape to or sleep in, preferably separate from the main foraging areas, and high up for security. When I got my conure, her breeder gave me a happy hut, and when I...