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  1. RebeccaZM

    Blood feather scare and recovery care

    So to make a long and stressful story short, my 7 month old cockatiel Obi-Wan will most likely be having 'surgery' in the coming days to remove his blood feathers (not permanently), all are broken, on both wings. We spent yesterday and last night at a family member's apartment because we had to...
  2. flyzipper

    AAV Household Dangers Series: foreign material ingestion (aka sleeping huts are bad)

    This is a case study put out by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (spoiler alert... sleeping huts are bad for our birds even if it doesn't look like they're chewing it). Chapter 1: Case example of foreign body material ingestion Chapter 2: Gogy gets admitted Chapter 3: Diagnosing GI...
  3. B


    Hi! My name is Bean. My baby Didgeridoo just had an amputation and is in a cone. Prior, whenever me or my fiancee is home he is out of his cage free to fly. He isn't taking well to being in a cone, a smaller cage, and unable to fly around. He is now plucking/pulling at the bars which he's never...
  4. Joe Henderson

    Budgie sick

    Hello all i recently found out my budgie probaly has a tumor she has lameness in her leg and it got worse and worse to thr point its dosent move now Im worried because its turning purple and swollen she bit her nails complety off, i have pain meds for her but the ver told me that theres not much...
  5. B

    Post Gallbladder Removal Diet and Lifestyle

    Hey guys! I've mentioned in passing before I was about to have surgery and I did have it last Tuesday. I'm only 20 but unfortunately I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones that run through my family on my father's side. Several other family members had their gallbladders removed...
  6. EmmaAndEiffel

    Bumble Foot Surgery

    My parrot had surgery for bumblefoot yesterday and is doing fine thankfully, he is now bandaged up and on pain meds and antibiotics. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this and could tell me how long it usually takes to heal/how long the bandages will be on him? I asked my vet...
  7. J


    How does spaying impact the quality of a bird's life? Ten years ago, I had to have my Umbrella cockatoo spayed because she was egg bound. At that time, I wasn't aware that spaying does not remove ovaries and last year my bird had severe problems with her ovaries developing yolks which caused...
  8. B

    Eye Surgery

    Does anyone have experience with budgie eye removal? I may have to choose between an eye removal (likely expensive and with uncertain outcome) and euthanasia. My bird was attacked by another parakeet and has other injuries including having a portion of scalp ripped off and lacerations. Has...