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bird hut

  1. flyzipper

    AAV Household Dangers Series: foreign material ingestion (aka sleeping huts are bad)

    This is a case study put out by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (spoiler alert... sleeping huts are bad for our birds even if it doesn't look like they're chewing it). Chapter 1: Case example of foreign body material ingestion Chapter 2: Gogy gets admitted Chapter 3: Diagnosing GI...
  2. conureluv

    Is this safe?

    So my bird (gcc male ) loves to chew his Snuggle Buddy (whatever it is??) and he loves sleeping in it as well. I took it out and I want to find a safer alternative. Hut, snuggle toy, I don’t care. Just something safe that he can keep warm with :) Now is this safe?
  3. Mason and Kiwi

    Is this hut safe for my conure?

    I saw one hut that said it was specifically NOT safe for conures so instead I got this one. I understand they chew up their tents, but could this one be safe? There’s only soft cloth on the outside, not fur, and on the inside is more like almost plastic with some soft rubber buttons for friction...