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2 Male Lovebirds - MAting?


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Hi all,
Brand new here. My son inherited 2 lovebirds, apparently 2 males.
They are "young" but mature (over a year old) and are very healthy.

They are well bonded, get along, and do all things a couple should do.
But I want to check in on this. I understand that 2 males can bond and even try to mate.

1. Is it normal for 2 males to take each regurgitate and feed the other? (In my case, this is what is happening - not one feeding the other all the time, but sometimes one does it, and sometimes the other.

2. (Sorry for this question) If they are 2 males will they try to "mate"? These 2 "mate" and it seems they always take the same position - 1 always takes the male position, and the other always takes the female position. Does this mean that one is just more dominant, and the other has taken on that female role?
Would a bird even do that? Or will they switch around eventually? Or is this a 100% proof that 1 is a female?
1 of them does sit with their legs slightly wider apart, but there have been no eggs so far.

Any help in understanding these incredible creatures would be most welcome.


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Have they both been DNA tested as male?

I have two male cockatiels. They don't regurgitate for each other, but Skyline consistently mounts Chipper when they mate. But with his last partner (also male), he was always the one being mounted. They might switch it up, they might not.

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I only have one cockatiel and he's my first. I do know however, that homosexuality is common in the animals/bird/insect kingdom. Here's a fascinating article on the subject:
1,500 animal species practice homosexuality