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sex determination

  1. Tiffany A

    Help with sexing?

    Hello! My names Tiff I posted a few years back hoping to get some clues as to what the sex of my sweet cockatiel is. However, at the time I realized how young Noel was so I’m posting some updates pictures! Originally I believed Noel was a female however I believe Noel is in deed a boy. Just...
  2. LoveToki

    Can anyone identify this mutation?

    Ive been trying to figure out the sex of this mothers babies. It may be fruitless since I dont know what Dad looked like..but I figured worth a shot. :D Here is Mom- and her babies (per the breeder) are 2 white faced..one cinnamon pied and one lutino cinnamon.
  3. Yonads

    2 Male Lovebirds - MAting?

    Hi all, Brand new here. My son inherited 2 lovebirds, apparently 2 males. They are "young" but mature (over a year old) and are very healthy. They are well bonded, get along, and do all things a couple should do. But I want to check in on this. I understand that 2 males can bond and even...
  4. KirstynR

    Male or female tiel? Rubbing vent on finger!

    I got my cockatiel, Nibbler, from a breeder about a year or so ago. The breeder originally told us it was a male, but then checked again by feeling the vent and said she was a girl. Today we witnessed our birdie rubbing the vent against my fiance's finger for the first time. I have been...
  5. Cockatango

    can you determine sex by masturbation?

    My lutino tiel is just over a year old. At first we thought she was a boy, but because of her lack of tuneful singing (skipping record yapping) we now think she's a girl. However the other day, Tango discovered masturbation. Then I realised this could be a way to sex her(/him?) Tango has a...