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sexual behavior

  1. maounm

    Confusing behaviour and diet

    Hi i have a pair of greeenwing macaws both are tamed. Male is bonded with me and female is relatively new. I have put them togather in a large aviary and given a nst box as both are adults. Problem is when i come into their sight male starts fighting with the female and chases her. I can see...
  2. reetybird

    Another question

    Should I keep my bird in a dimmer room where there isn’t a lot of light? I heard a lot of light can cause growth of sexual organs and my room is a lot dimmer than the bonus room that he is in currently.:thinking::sad14:
  3. M

    Cockatiel sexually frustrated?

    Hi everyone, i have 2 cockatiels, both male, there is one that is always more active and curious and the other is more calm and gentle. I noticed that the active one seems to be sexually frustrated because he is a bit more aggressive and he constantly busy trying to mate/masturbate with objects...
  4. C

    Newly Adopted Blue Front UnGODLY sexual towards me

    We just got a Blue Front Amazon and he's the sweetest boy but I can't even talk to him now even in a lower voice without him trying to regurgitate for me and if I hold him pretty soon every single time he tries to "mate" with my hands or whatever making his chuffing sounds and tucking his vent...
  5. AkasyaEllric

    Frisky Behavior Question

    The rare times Slade masturbates when he finishes he poops also. Is this normal? None of my other birds do it till they're finished so it struck me as odd. He also makes the weirdest sounds :lol2: but I figured those are more than likely normal.
  6. charlieboy

    Masturbation in Parrots

    So I got a great teacher in my biology of sexuality class, and he talks about animal, plant and cellular reproduction a lot, which is really cool. :) He started talking about how chimpanzees and bonobos are pretty much the only animals, aside from humans, who masturbate and play sexual games...
  7. Yonads

    2 Male Lovebirds - MAting?

    Hi all, Brand new here. My son inherited 2 lovebirds, apparently 2 males. They are "young" but mature (over a year old) and are very healthy. They are well bonded, get along, and do all things a couple should do. But I want to check in on this. I understand that 2 males can bond and even...
  8. Lelushio

    Bird is starting to pluck

    So I bought a nice harness about 3 days ago and started harness training my lovebird, Lily. She seemed to be responding well enough, even though she seemed really uncomfortable with it, we were making good progress so I thought it was fine. She was starting to put her head through the hole...
  9. KirstynR

    Male or female tiel? Rubbing vent on finger!

    I got my cockatiel, Nibbler, from a breeder about a year or so ago. The breeder originally told us it was a male, but then checked again by feeling the vent and said she was a girl. Today we witnessed our birdie rubbing the vent against my fiance's finger for the first time. I have been...
  10. M

    Pictures Hey.. New here also

    Here's our crazy lady Jackie. She's a 22yrs old Umbrella Cockatoo. She's been very loving and trying to cuddle me (which trying not to or promote any sexual stimualtion) but she's been very mad with my husband the past 3 days. We have no idea why. lol