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  1. Haroobom

    Treating bird bite ?

    I recently got my tiel a friend... said friend is in quarantine but they can still hear and see eachother if I leave the door open. Due to this my tiel who is somewhat friendly has become stressed that he can't reach the other bird. Minutes ago as I was changing his water and food bowls I...
  2. KatieKess

    Self Mutilator - Best Topical Cream?

    Hi! My cockatiel Marvin is a self mutilator. he’s been tested for multiple things, been to the vets 7 times, and they cannot figure out what’s causing this. He only mutilates one spot on his back, but he has days where it is really bad to the point that all he does is bite himself and squeal...
  3. J

    Urgent Open sore

    My bird has this pretty big sore on the lower left side near it’s tail. What is this? And, any opinions on how this happened? A few years ago she plucked out all the feathers on her belly so she’s been bald which you’ll notice in the picture. She seems fine otherwise. Eating and drinking...
  4. Steph6241

    Parakeet - Small wound?

    Today I noticed blood on my parakeet, Frankie’s foot. It appeared to be already dried and I found a few more drops on her the top of her cuttlebone, where she often perches. (I immediately switched out the cuttlebone for a new one.) I attempted to inspect the wound and I think it’s located on...
  5. B

    A wierd problem

    Bobby is like 2 months , and we brought him home a week ago. We observed a big wound on his chest , which is almost black. He doesen't seem sick , he plays with everything and he's eating a lot but, and here's the interesting part, when he drinks the water flows out where his wound is . My...
  6. R

    Urgent Wound on wing worsening- has anyone used "Lick Guard" ointment before?

    Hello community - first of all, I apologize for my lack of knowledge - I am a first time cockatiel owner and quite new at this, so I'm not sure how life threatening this wound is and clearly I've been doing the wrong things. So I adopted Peaches early November from a rescue foundation. Long...
  7. Ilse

    Urgent Cat scratched Lovebirds Eye

    Hi there, I just returned from a 3 hour trip with my family and when I came home my bedroom door (where my Fischer Lovebird, Rockie) was open, and my two cats were peeking out. I started panicking INSTANTLY. My father and his friend helped me look for Rockie since she wasn't in her cage, and...