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wing clipping

  1. Foggy Pine

    Breaking Blood Feathers Continuously

    My cockatiel keeps breaking her blood feathers. She had a botched wing clip before we adopted her, and it left her completely unable to fly. After that, she got quite a bit of wing damage from falling, but her flight feathers (which grew back) keep breaking even when she hasn't fallen or been...
  2. minkylory

    should I clip my rainbow lorikeets wings?

    hello! I have a baby rainbow lorikeet named Minky (about 2 months old, images above is him) and he has just started to fly. I also have 2 dogs so I was wondering if I should clip his wings? he's out of his cage/tub for about 7-9 hours a day (he stays in a tub with an open lid at night because he...
  3. Birdman696

    Rainbow lorikeet bird diaper

    So I got a rainbow lorikeet around 3 days ago. He is incredibly tame and the moment he got him he was crawling all over me, he was rescued from the wolf after he had fallen out of a tree and was being attacked by magpies and is one of the friendliest birds I’ve ever seen. He’s still a baby but...
  4. sunnysara

    Pictures Clip wings on sun conure?

    Sunny, my 12 week old Sun Conure flies all around the house. I trimmed her flight feathers just a bit so my parents could leave me alone about it, but she still flies high and fast. Our last bird escaped and everyone in the house is afraid she will too. My Sunny still acts like a baby, she...
  5. Heidi

    Help - It this normal? (Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim)

    Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim ??!!?! After a long time of debating pros & cons of flighted feathers vs. trimmed wings, I trimmed my Senegal parrot’s wings. She was used to being able to fly anywhere she wanted. I made this choice because I moved to a new studio apartment that is very small &...
  6. L

    How should I clip my bird's wings?

    Hey everyone! I have a cockatiel who is untamed and I'd really like to let him out of the cage to work on getting him friendlier. However, I don't have a small room to put him in as my room is ridiculously tiny (and his cage is really big) so all I have is the living room. However there is no...
  7. charlieboy

    Need help with flight training!

    I got Charlie at a breeder, and I thought they let him fledge before clipping his wings. Well, I was wrong... He is going trough his first molt right now and his wing feathers almost completely grew back in already! He flies super well and even fast, but there is one single yet important...
  8. 1

    I need some advice

    Hi I need some advice... I just got 2 boy budgies and they are about six months old. One of them has lovely long wings and looks normal but the other has really short wings and they are both different lengths and shapes. Also he can’t fly very well and would rather climb around and tends to...
  9. Ravenclaw88

    Problem wing clip - help!

    A couple of days ago my mum and I decided to clip my 'tiel Totoro's wings, since it seems to calm his hormones down and prevents him from crashing into things if he has a freak out. (We've clipped him before fine). We did his left wing first, snipped a small section off two of the outermost...
  10. Bella&James

    To clip or not to clip

    Hi, I own a pair of 4 months old lovebirds called Bella and James(after Bellatrix and James Potter of course ;) ). I have previously owned a female cockatiel called Gambit (after the X-men superhero). My grandma used to own an Indian Ringneck called Mala(Hindi for garland) and a big majestic...
  11. D

    Hello From Columbus, OH

    My name is Jake. I'm a gamer, a hair stylist, and a parrot lover. I have a Sun Conure (Drakos), a Quaker (Sky), and two budgies (Frosty and Storm). As I'm sure most people don't join on a whim, I do have a little bit of a situation: Currently I've had to downsize and my Sun and Quaker are...