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  1. CGrillo

    Weight Health

    In my last thread in spoke about how luke was back to a healthy weight after his antibiotics caused him to not eat. Luke now seems to be making up for all the food he hasn’t eaten on his meds and seems to be stuck at 1.5 oz When they should weigh around 1.1-1.4 oz. He doesn’t seem to get much...
  2. conureluv

    How to get my bird on a scale?

    I have a scale but my bird hates getting on it and squirms whenever on it. How can I get him to stay on it?
  3. OldDirtyTshirt

    sick + underweight cockatiel, please help.

    Hello! I have an eight-month-old female cockatiel, Zazie Butter-Noodle :swoon:, and she is currently on antibiotics for an infection(Her poop is watery too, I hope it will be better when her antibiotics are finished). The avian vet said she was underweight and suggested that we weigh her every...
  4. elitys

    Healthy weight for GCC?

    I'm such a worrier. I weighed my 5 month old green cheek today, and she is 57.3 grams. I saw that 60-80 is the norm for them, and I'm assuming she's fine, but I just wanted to check that the number is probably low because she's still young. I'm going to weigh her more over the next few weeks...
  5. haze

    Proper weight?

    There’s probably nothing wrong at all, but I’m a little concerned about my cockatiel, Pepper, because I can feel his keel bone a bit. I just weighed him and he weighs 120 grams, which is pretty normal. He’s got his general wellness check soon, but I’m a little worried because I heard you...
  6. Atomiklan

    Pictures WOW...

    New bird scale arrived finally and I am BLOWN AWAY! The quality is incredible! Not some cheap plastic POS. Very happy with my choice. Here are some up close pics. Its all stainless and wash down capable. Even comes with a leveling bubble sight mounted to the back. Its very heavy and very heavy...
  7. issajoy

    Macaw weights?

    Hi everybirdie, I was wondering what most of your macaws weigh, and how old they are, ect. My Ollie weighed 787g when she was weighed at the vet at the beginning of November, I weighed her today for the first time (scale FINALLY came in the mail), and she's only up to 830g. I was wondering if...
  8. Atomiklan

    High quality scale

    Found what appears to be an AWESOME scale! I really hate items made from cheap materials. Looking for scales seemed to be an exercise in futility. All the options on Amazon were cheap, plastic, flimsy looking items. I always prefer industrial grade if I can. Well, I found this awesome looking...
  9. ParrotPerson21

    Green Cheek Weight

    Hi guys. New here...been meaning to join a parrot forum for a while now....quick question about my green cheek conure. I recently bought a kitchen scale to weigh my birds and it turns out my green cheek weighs 92 grams (He is fully grown). According to averages I found online that's seems pretty...