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water bottle

  1. S

    Hormonal male feeding water bottle

    So, I've got a weird one. I have a 26 year old male Eclectus that I've had since he was a baby. He's super neurotic but wonderfully social and funny in all the weird Ekkie ways. He's always been somewhat hormonal, but he is went through a pretty rough chronic hormonal period about 10-15 years...
  2. K

    Water for parrots

    Heavy metal toxicity (copper) Someone mention that it could be cause by the water. I give my bird filter water from the fridge system. But I honestly don’t think is that good. I live with my family and they are the ones in charge of that filter. Can I give my parrot water bottle? If there any...
  3. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  4. GeezLouise

    Safe water?!

    My tap water in the last 12 hours has turned brown…Thankfully I or my animals were NOT drinking this, and if there were any contaminants that I couldn’t see, it was filtered. There’s no way now I’m letting anyone even be near it. Now that I’m waiting for a fix, I’m wondering if the water...
  5. N

    My Question About Bottled Water?

    Is it possible to get bottled water instead of using the city's water system? Because lories are susceptible to ISD, I reasoned that bottled water would be better for Darby. I have no idea what minerals or metals are in my water because I haven't gotten it tested. The man I'm seeing works at a...
  6. Summzz

    Are Self Disinfecting Machines Safe/ Ozone in Water?

    Hi everyone! I have a weird question. Long story short, we live on a farm and have a tank system for water. While the water is city water I have never trusted that something might get in our tank (it is cleaned regularly but I'm just paranoid). So my birds have been getting bottled water. I...
  7. Summzz

    Are Quick Fill Lixit Bottles Safe?

    Hello Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has or used this water bottle (Lixit Quick Fill Medium Bird Bottle, 20-Ounce: Amazon.ca: Pet Supplies) and what their thoughts are on it. I'm looking into getting a water bottle to train and use from some new carries I am getting for my birds. The one that...
  8. Tinabell

    Water bottle’s bad for birds beaks ?

    Our local rescue says that Lixit and Bird Butler and any water bottle type metal tip is bad for birds and and they don’t allow it. Has anyone had long term bad issues with their birds from the metal drinking parts of the water bottles ?