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  1. flyzipper

    Northern Costa Rica Canopy Tour (Macaw Recovery Network)

    This is the opposite of bird watching, but I enjoyed the perspective it offers (i.e. the bird's as they fly above the canopy). The video should work even if you're not on Facebook. https://fb.watch/v/aBsWNoVhb/ The Macaw Recovery Network is an organization that's focused on breed and release...
  2. flyzipper

    Interview with Avian Veterinarian Dr. Todd Driggers (video)

    The YouTube suggestion algorithm found me another interview with Dr. Driggers from about 2 years ago. Here's a rough summary of what was discussed: warning about keeping birds together when they have very different beak sizes risks of keeping birds with dogs and cats (observe that dogs...
  3. flyzipper

    Ask The Vet Session with Dr. Todd Driggers (video)

    A few members speak very highly of Dr. Driggers, but this is my first exposure to him. Rough summary of the topics discussed... Why are cockatiels prone to getting fat? Discussion of general nutrition. Feather destructive behaviour (this section generally had good overall points about caring...
  4. flyzipper

    Pericardial aspergillosis - endoscope and biopsy (video)

    If you've read about Aspergillosis, but couldn't really picture what's going on (like me), you might be interested in this video... https: //www.facebook.com/watch/?v=569417227283710 I found it fascinating to so clearly see the colony, and the sample extraction from the air sacs in this...
  5. Kiwi's Mom

    Video Budgie Bath Time!

    Kiwi and Blizzard took a bath in the sink! I was pretty suprised when Blizzard bathed :lol: She usually only bathes on her own in the water bowl. :budgie::budgie9:
  6. Fiveboy

    Worlds Cutest (Sneaky) Lovebird Babies

    My babies "hatched" a plan - to be cute, and sneaky. Mission accomplished!
  7. keirieski17

    Heart Wings and Kisses

    He’s so feisty but also very sweet. This went in for like 5 minutes
  8. Dynasys

    Discouraging Biting

    Hey, hope everyone is safe and healthy. My lovebird has become very social and loving thanks to everyone's help, so thank you so much! The only issue is that I could not stop her from biting. Her bites don't seem aggressive (I could be misreading them however so I will elaborate). She loves to...
  9. anjabeth

    Birdie Treadmill

    Split Pea the budgie has decided to take up a home exercise routine during quarantine :hilarious:
  10. Ueda96

    Does this keet have a crest?

    I've been noticing in various photo and video that the Princess Parakeet seems to have a crest? :princessblue::princesspink:
  11. hrafn

    Video The very newest member of the hrafn household!!

    Made an unboxing video for my newest baby!! Boring enclosure in place until first vet visit and to make sure he doesn't have mites or other parasites hanging out on him. Beautiful new home to come! Sorry about the sideways camera at the end, I never know how to hold my phone for videos lmao
  12. hrafn

    Video African greys certainly are genuises...

    ...but boy oh boy, do they ever have their moments. :rolleyes: I closed the upper door of Kamara's cage so that I could wipe off the usual poopy mess she makes of it every day, and she climbed all the way down the side of her cage, went in through the large lower door, climbed up to the door...
  13. Zara

    Video Adelie vs the swing!

    Today Adelie got a new swing... I´m not sure she likes it...
  14. hrafn

    Video Can anyone tell what he's saying??

    This is Taco's favourite thing to say, and despite multitudinous efforts I still have NO idea what he's saying. So I thought maybe someone here might have more luck. :D
  15. hrafn

    Video Kisses!

    Caught this on camera by accident while we were playing. He loves leaning in when I make kissy noises, but he pressed his big ol' beak right into mine. :D Probably just a one-off before I keep my distance because I don't need a nose piercing, but isn't this boy just the cutest? Excuse the bad...
  16. hrafn

    Video I think there's someone at the door!

    Hello? Who is it? :D (Aka "excuse me, just because I'm on my sleep perch and I've been beak grinding for an hour and I tucked my beak back into my feathers, that doesn't mean its time for bed; open that door!") :rolleyes:
  17. hrafn

    Video Taco demands scritches!

  18. LydiaB

    Video Eddie's Obsession With Doritos: Video

    Every time he hears that bag crinkling, he starts throwing a little fit, hoping I'll give him some Dorito. Not this time buddy, not this time.
  19. Atomiklan

    Video on loop

    What do you all think about setting up a small tv or monitor with some kids shows on a loop when out of the house. I know some people do this for their fids while they're at work. I thought it might be good for Lada while I'm at the office. Thoughts?
  20. Garet

    Video Lovebird or shark?

    I'm just not sure anymore. Her face screams 'lovebird', but... ((And before anyone asks, she crawled under the blanket herself, and she didn't bite me at the end of the second video, she just scared the heck out of me and tackled the phone.))