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Interview with Avian Veterinarian Dr. Todd Driggers (video)


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The YouTube suggestion algorithm found me another interview with Dr. Driggers from about 2 years ago.

Here's a rough summary of what was discussed:
  • warning about keeping birds together when they have very different beak sizes
    • risks of keeping birds with dogs and cats (observe that dogs injuries are more common, but also the general stress it causes to birds living in close proximity)
    • wing clipping causes birds to have less ability to escape
    • ferrets and rats are also risky to parrots
  • household hazards: Teflon, self-cleaning ovens, lead and zinc toxicity (avoid cheap toys).
    • trauma from flying into windows and walls, closing doors, being stepped on, ceiling fans
  • avian nutrition - species requirements vary, we're at the stage of knowledge where we can make them "not die", but science lacks long term studies for optimal wellness
    • avoid sunflower seeds, and other fatty foods
    • often it's not a matter of "what", but "how much", based on the bird's activity
    • pellets are the recommended primary source of food, plus fresh fruit and veg
    • Harrisons recommended, but ZuPreem is a good transition option.
    • also likes Lafeber (especially their promotion of nutrition to vets) and Roudybush
    • recommend annual bloodwork and the personalized trends are analyzed to change course
    • most people over nourish their bird, but under nutrition them (I liked that quote)
  • training and good relationship are essential for a social and well adjusted bird
  • leg bands break bird legs
    • microchips can be inserted into the pectoral muscle and are a much better option

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Thanks for posting these!