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  1. flyzipper

    Asking for a friend -- ligament damage

    Does anyone have experience dealing with ligament damage in birds? Background: the store I shop at has a B&G macaw who suffered damage to the joint of one of his legs during an accident. Diagnosis: x-rays show a separation of the knee joint between the femur and tibia (they're clearly no longer...
  2. flyzipper

    Vetster -- On-demand online vet appointments

    I happened upon this through local startup news, but with frequent posts from people who don't have direct access to an avian vet, or for a second opinion, it might be useful here... What is veterinary telemedicine? Veterinary telemedicine is the provision of veterinary medicine online, whether...
  3. flyzipper

    World Veterinary Day 2022

    April 30th is World Veterinary Day with the theme “Strengthening Veterinary Resilience”. In addition to marking the occasion, I wonder if this thread could be used to act as a reminder to take some proactive steps regarding your avian vet. Things such as... If you don't have an avian vet...
  4. N

    Baby green cheek with badly splayed legs

    Hi! I’m new here so I’m sorry if I don’t format properly. I just took in a baby green cheek with two badly splayed legs. I was told this bird was about five weeks but appears much younger. I am handfeeding this baby now. I didn’t want him to be put down. my vet made some hobbles for him and I...
  5. J

    Young budgie with dirty vent

    Hey there ! So I just got 2 new budgies 3 days ago . The breeder said that both are supposed to be around 3-4 months of age . But since day 1 I noticed that one of them a female lutino budgie has this dirty vent compared to my other blue budgie …. But she has been really active for the past 2...
  6. C

    Is this normal?

    My conure has this weird feather and he’s acting like he’s sore. I can’t tell what it is? Should I take him to a vet?
  7. flyzipper

    Oscar's respiratory diagnostic adventure

    Oscar is a male Military Macaw who is approximately 10 years old. This thread is to share what I'm learning along the way as we attempt to determine what's causing Oscar's respiration to be... "not normal". October 2020 - Oscar came home to live with Marvin, Jericho and I. January 2021 -...
  8. flyzipper

    The Unusual Pet Vets - 'Gromits irritated sinuses

    I thought this was very interesting -- that a foreign object lodged in the choana was triggering respiratory issues. Hmm, sorry about that title, it was supposed to be, "The Unusual Pet Vets - Gromit's Irritated Sinuses".
  9. flyzipper

    Interview with Avian Veterinarian Dr. Todd Driggers (video)

    The YouTube suggestion algorithm found me another interview with Dr. Driggers from about 2 years ago. Here's a rough summary of what was discussed: warning about keeping birds together when they have very different beak sizes risks of keeping birds with dogs and cats (observe that dogs...
  10. flyzipper

    Ask The Vet Session with Dr. Todd Driggers (video)

    A few members speak very highly of Dr. Driggers, but this is my first exposure to him. Rough summary of the topics discussed... Why are cockatiels prone to getting fat? Discussion of general nutrition. Feather destructive behaviour (this section generally had good overall points about caring...
  11. H

    Hello! Budgie Owner Here!

    Hi all! I have used AA in the past but have never become a member or really interacted with people much. I think I'm very young compared to most people here, but I'll try to fit in hahaha! I have a budgie named Pixel who is very sweet but has had two of his companions pass away in just about a...
  12. flyzipper

    Avian Medicine: What it Takes to be an Avian Veterinarian (webinar)

    I enjoyed this webinar plus Q&A, and learned a few things, so thought I'd share. Description - A Lafeber Pet Birds webinar hosted by Laura Doering, former editor of Bird Talk magazine and Birds USA magazine with special guest, Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice). We have all seen the...
  13. M

    Sad matter happen to Birds

    Hello, Yesterday there was a sad matter happen to birds. I am very worried. My close friend give his budgies zinc supplement in drinking water. I also use it too. After, he gave it to birds they are died in few moments. From yesterday, I heard that same matter happen to many birds owner. I use...
  14. archimedes

    Toronto Vet Recommendation?

    We're bringing a CBC home soon and I've been searching for a good avian vet in our area. I've scoured the threads on this site, but I don't see any specific recommendations. Does anyone have a clinic they'd suggest?
  15. emilija

    Urgent Please help!

    A friend accidentally stepped on my budgie and plucked its anus feathers, but her anus i swollen now and I can see she is in pain.. she is eating and drinking water but she is in pain.. look at these pictures and tell me what should i do.. the vets in this country are not professionals for birds...
  16. Alex S.

    Hi all! I'm new :)

    Hi everyone! Although I've been lurking for quite a bit and learning A LOT, this is my first post! We've finally made the decision to bring a caique home and we're super excited (somehow these forums haven't scared us away... o_O). He's still being weaned so it may be another two weeks until...