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Vetster -- On-demand online vet appointments


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I happened upon this through local startup news, but with frequent posts from people who don't have direct access to an avian vet, or for a second opinion, it might be useful here...

What is veterinary telemedicine?
Veterinary telemedicine is the provision of veterinary medicine online, whether through video, voice or text chat. While it can’t replace the need to see your veterinarian in-person, it can provide peace of mind from the comfort of your own home. Telemedicine offers an accessible, affordable way to “see” the vet anytime day or night in the most efficient way.

They also have a "discover vets nearby" for various regions (when I checked Canada, at least), which might allow an offline consult to shift to in person more easily.

When I completed the intake form to book an avian vet consultation, it said the fee would be $85 CAD, which is very reasonable where I live.

A limitation is it appears to only be operating in Canada, UK and US at the moment.

I have no experience with this organization so this isn't a recommendation, it's for information only.
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I have used one live chat system that use customer service AI to write down all of our problem before live chatting with the vet directly after that. I am sure it can cut down a lot of time and minial task for the vet while we also can consult all of our problem organizely.
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