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toy making

  1. bird_mama

    Cardboard tubes?

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea where I can get bird safe cardboard/paper tubes? I just found out my African Grey loves them when I put one (glue free of course) in his cage. I’ve tried looking but I just want one that’s bird safe please! Thank you :•)
  2. ZY28

    Where do people get there material from?

    Hi, I see a lot of places sell toys and toy parts for parrots, but I always wondered where do they get there materials from. I would love to make them myself but I don't know where to get the palm leaf, the wood, the vines, the coconuts, ect. Does any know why they get there supplies from? Ps...
  3. M

    White crepe paper and party napkins, are they safe?

    I've seen lots of toys that use cupcake liners and I thought: the coloured napkins must be food safe, does that make them safe for parrots as well?? And I found some white (king of beige) crepe paper streamers and was thinking about using it for toys as well. Does anyone have any experience...
  4. Sweet Louise

    Local rescue

    Our local bird rescue had a lady who strung toys together for the birds. She passed a couple years back and the owner of the rescue asked if I would take the pieces and help. I have a couple questions on safety. How can I tell if the metals are safe? 1. The small bells, very light weight. I...
  5. Shear Modulus

    Dry grass/Twine?

    Hi, I'm interested in making toys for some birds. I was wondering if twine is safe for them? I know there's the thin stuff you get at the craft store, but that's obviously dangerous. A while ago I bought a coconut toy with some really thick twine-like stuff (the birds loved the rope) but I don't...