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toe injury

  1. Angela_2

    Urgent Toe injuries

    Hello. My bird had his toe squished by his cage door It looks bruised. I have no idea how to treat it properly and I just realised after a day or so when he kept his feet raised
  2. S

    Urgent toe injury

    my kakariki recently lost two of his toes on a door that was slightly closed. there was quite a bit of blood loss and his rubbed it on his body and skin. i think it’s irritating him but i don’t want to give him a bath yet just in case of infection. when should i give him a bath?
  3. S


    my poor kakariki got his toes stuck when my mum slightly closed the door, not fully thank god. He lost a lot of blood and one of this toes is crooked and severed. i think the other toe is slightly cut but it’s too bloody. We tried pouring flour on to stop the blood but everytime he moved around...
  4. M

    Urgent Hurt toes

    A few days ago I checked on my bird and noticed blood in its cage and found that most of its nail on 2 toes (same foot) are almost completely gone and I had quick stop for the bleeding but now I’m not quite sure what to do. Please give advice on what to do next (currently my bird is not bleeding...
  5. Kiwi & Co.

    911 Cockatiel Toe

    This wasnt how I was hoping to introduce Oreo. Something happned (I have no idea what) and Oreo got hurt. His toenail is crooked and barely attached to his toe anymore. I don't know when I'll be able to get to a vet.
  6. W

    One of my conures "toes"

    So my green cheek conure is still young. Last night I noticed something wrong with her left foot. One of the toes won't grab on to anything. It's just there. I'm going to guess she injured herself somehow but idk how. I attached some pictures. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  7. Mini-amazon3

    Baby parrot toe problem

    so I got a baby parrot of 5 months two days a ago and I noticed that she has a crooked toe it appears broken or somethings.she doesn't really use it.like the other toes ,and keeps that paw up most of the time. What could it be and, What should I do?
  8. B

    Urgent Senegal injured toe swollen black/blue

    Hello, and please help if you can. Our 21 y/o Senegal, Buster has an injured toe, but shows no signs of distress. It is a bit swollen and dark compared to the other toes; it is also limp. It appears that it may fall-off, but am not sure. There is no binding of thread or any other foreign body...