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  1. papaya13

    Merlin the Magical

    Finally, FINALLY, after years of research and months of planning and cancellations and delays, I’m heading home… with a BIRD! Meet Merlin! He’s a 4YO TAG, and NOT the bird I thought I was coming home with when I drove to California. I visited an enormous CAG the same morning I picked him up...
  2. S

    Where to find a timneh?

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could suggest a few good breeders for Timneh Greys in or around Georgia? Is there a time of year that is ideal to begin searching for a Grey? I've been researching parrots (particularly the longer lived varieties) and I feel that a Timneh sounds like a good...
  3. Barnaby Rose

    Oliver is driving me CRAZY please help!

    Hi guys. It has been a while since I have posted (probably a good thing), but here I am again and I need some help. My little man Oliver (he is a Timneh African Grey), is about two years old now (yes, I know, the terrible twos)... and is becoming a little heck*** DEMON with his screaming, and I...
  4. Barnaby Rose

    Need help... Baby/Young Timneh African Grey.. Bipolar???

    Hi guys... I have not posted in a while, (a good thing I believe!), but unfortunately, I am having to post tonight. So last August we brought Oliver home, a tiny weeny baby Timneh grey, the sweetest little thing you have ever seen. Now we have gone through some phases no doubt, from begging...
  5. Barnaby Rose

    Thinking about bringing home a new baby :)

    Hey guys... So as the title implies - we are on the brink of bringing a new baby home. Well, not so much a baby.. he is a 4-5 year old male white bellied Caique. His name is Reggie and I am absolutely in love with him.. I just have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with. So...
  6. Barnaby Rose

    Having trouble with a new baby Timneh Grey - Please help!

    Hi guys.. so we have had Oliver now for about a month, and have just finished out his 30 day quarantine period, have had all blood work, cultures, CBC and polyoma tests back negative for ANYTHING, so we have had both Oliver (the baby grey), and Emma (3 year old female Eclectus), in the same...
  7. Barnaby Rose

    Just about to bring a new baby home - have a question!!

    Ok guys... So my wife and I have decided on an adorable little baby Timneh African Grey boy (actually he kind of chose us), and are going to put our deposit down tomorrow afternoon. We are both SUPER excited, and he will be ready to come home in about a month, give or take of course. Here is...
  8. Barnaby Rose

    Question for the African Grey owners out there!

    So I'm back again.. I STILL have not made a conclusive, definite decision.. But I am getting close. Here is where I am at. The same breeder I am talking with has just taken in 3 adorable little baby Timneh African Greys. Of course she told me, and of course I went and met them, and of course I...