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  1. HemlokHex

    Hahns Macaw x Sun Conure Hybrid Wednesday Macawnure

    Ok, so, looking at the forums, my girl doesn't fit because she's a hybrid. I want to start a thread to document her development as there are literally less than 10 pics of different hybrid minimacaw hahns/sun conures online worldwide. Wednesday turned one 3 days ago. She is slowly getting more...
  2. D

    Questions about step-up/taming

    Hello everyone! Ive recently gotten a 11 week old baby Sun Conure, he/she will come up to the front of the cage and lick all over my face and fingers lol. But the problem im having is step-up training. Ive been training him/her for maybe about 4-5 days now and I know thats not enough most likely...
  3. sunnysara

    Video (Hormonal?) What is she DOING?

    My sun conure is 9 months old and has started to do this weird "walk" towards my phone, my hand, a charger. Is this hormonal behavior? She's still a baby isn't she? Here's a link to the video: https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/ctnDbVrHDQ0U
  4. sgyoung

    Conure with peeling skin on leg?

    Hi, everyone. Today I just noticed my sun conure has dry, peeling skin on one leg. I noticed him chewing his skin and discovered it was very dry and even had a sore probably from where the skin peeled? This is also the same leg that used to have a band on it which was removed last month. I’m not...
  5. Jetdrip459

    Sun conure training

    Hello everyone! I need some help, so I have a sun conure named dipper Iv had him about a year and 5 months. Iv done training with him and he’s very smart and is actually pretty quite Iv noticed for a sun conure. So here’s my issue, lately he’s picking up things that kinda annoy me and him. When...
  6. H

    Confusing sun conure, new to this.

    I recently adopted a 2 year old sun conure named mango. The first day I got her I put her in a new cage and let her be. She screamed a bunch so I eventually introduced myself. Her previous owner gave her up because she would attack the dogs, her owner also always kept her on her shoulder. Mango...
  7. L

    Stress question?

    Good afternoon/morning/evening- I just signed up here so pardon me if I set this up wrong! I have a question regarding my two Sun conures- I've had each for years, I feel like I've practically grown up with them. In fact, my family and I have actually raised various clutches (Unexpectedly...
  8. Leafstem

    Bird attack

    I got a sun conure a month or so ago and she was the absolute sweetest thing to everyone in my family (excluding my four year old sister--she does not like small kids). However, in the past week or two she has become increasingly more aggressive towards my family members. She has very...