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  1. Grigals

    Sun conure behaviour

    Hello!! I have a new sun conure (awaiting DNA test so no name yet) I have my 2 green cheeks but this is my first sun so I'm still figuring out what their behaviours mean! I'm worried about my little guy, he's quite anxious from his previous owner. He has been very badly clipped and has no...
  2. skittles30

    Urgent Pet conure had a seizure!

    (I'm not entirely sure how to use this website since I'm new so far, but I have a concern that really worries me.) I have two pet conures and both of them had grabbed a flaming hot cheeto out of the bag, they had done this before and we're fine so I didn't think much of it when they did it...
  3. D

    Baby Sun Conure behavior and health

    Hi, so I recently just got a baby sun conure who is 3 months old. He’s been fully weaned. His name is Dochi. He’s been doing a lot of wing twitches/flicks and chirps. I’m not sure what it means I’ve googled it and they’re saying it’s mating behavior but he’s only 3 months old so... I don’t think...
  4. Brookliebu

    Baby sun conure biting. Advice?

    Hello everyone I had recently got a beautiful 9 month old sun conure named Chili! I have been working with him on step up training and of course some days are better than others but I try to work with him everyday. He has no problem climbing up onto my shoulder (even without a treat) however...