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sun conures

  1. Niko11

    Sun Conure Age

    Hello and greetings from New York. I recently acquired a beautiful sun conure, and was told by the old owner he was about 1 yrs old. He said he believed he was hatched in May 2018. Is there any way to really tell how old he is, to be sure I have a young, and not an old sun conure? I am just...
  2. kaseytropical

    Rehoming Sun Conure in Arizona

    Hi im new to this forum and do not want to be judged because I know there is a lot of judgment with people rehoming birds because they simply "dont have the time", etc. However that is not the case, I love my sun conure to death and cant even believe I have to think about rehoming him but I have...
  3. Jetdrip459

    Hello bird lovers

    hello Iv joined this website to learn more about birds and get help with mine I have a cockotiel and sun conure I actutally joined because my sun conure all of a sudden won't step up out of his cage the past few days but did it once yesterday for a little bit but he still goes to the side of the...
  4. P

    Questions on my Sun Conure Behavior

    Hello bird lovers... Meet my Sun Polly. I've had it for a week now and I've been very concern about its behavior. Is it normal for a 3-month-old conure to flap/twitch its wing constantly and chirp? The only time it's calm is when it is eating. It gets very desperate to get out the cage and I...
  5. P

    Hiii loooowww

    Hello bird lovers... I got my first parrot on Wednesday, December 6th during the afternoon. I was super excited because I had planned to get my mum a talking parrot for her birthday, which is on the 24th (xmas eve). I pondered upon an Amazon or an African Grey; however, I knew that would be a...
  6. singermanlynne

    The Real Difference between a Sun and a Jenday???

    I need to hear from the experts - YOU ALL! I maybe be adding a little friend and I need the real deal on the difference between a Sun vs a Jenday. Please share your experience. I know they are both loud but is it constant or just at certain times?
  7. Reggie

    Aspiring Conure Owner - Advice Is Appreciated!

    Ever since I was younger I've loved budgies and conures. Both birds are a great size for someone as small as I am, and I already own budgies and love every single one of them, but I want to own conures as well. I'm soon going to be moving out of my parents' house and into my own place...