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  1. A

    My starling sneeze

    Hello we have a baby sneezes he is fling already but he sneezes and we read what it's because he has parasites please is some one can recommend medicine from parasites
  2. Kile

    Toy ideas for starlings?

    My starling needs some more things to play with and I want to try to find some things around the house or things I can make for her to play with. Since she has a straight beak she cant shred things like a parrot but she likes to pick things up and shake them. She likes playing with paper towels...
  3. Kile

    Saying Hello + a question

    Hey, my name is Kile! I read on this forum for advice frequently so I thought I'd join it. My first bird was a Starling... not the most common pet I know, but I found her as a nestling fallen from a nest in the barn this spring and I planned on raising her for release thinking she was a...