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Starling question


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I'm hoping someone here has starlings and can help me. My starling is 4 this year, might be female as he doesn't have the long throat feathers, and doesn't talk as clearly as males I've seen in videos. For the past 2 weeks, he has been zooming in the morning, flying back and forth from cage to a high shelf to my shoulder and back repeatedly for a few hours every morning. I believe it is because of mating season, but I'm concerned because he spends the afternoons taking several naps. I get this might wear him out, but it seems excessive to me, and I want to know if it is normal starling behavior. He still sings, but in the afternoon instead of most of the morning like he usually does. Diet is normal. Poo is normal. Takes one or two baths daily. Will be visiting the vet in a month or so hopefully( vet is over an hour away).


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I don’t have a starling (unfortunately!) but from videos I’ve seen this can be pretty normal. Hopefully someone with more info pops in for you!