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  1. flyzipper

    Poisonous birds

    A friend sent me a clip on Instagram which claimed 2 new poisonous bird species were discovered in 2023, so the skeptic in me had to look it up. Meet the Regent Whistler and Rufous-naped Bellbird...
  2. Ziekenzie

    Best Parrotlet Species for Me

    Hello everyone! After a lot of research I’ve decided that Parrotlets are the right bird for me. However, now, I realize how many different species of Parrotlets there are. I’m hoping for a parrotlet that’s more trainable, can talk (yes, I know this is not a given and I accept that), and more...
  3. Littlelovebird

    First bird Lovebird, second bird?

    Hello! I currently have a very social and clingy fisher loverbird. She is a hen, about 2yrs now. Only had lovebirds before. Would really like to get another bird at some point, maybe a bigger one. My question here is there a species that goes along better than another with lovebirds? Ive always...
  4. ZY28

    What bird would be good for me?

    I have been researching for a pet bird, but none seem to be good for me. I wonder if someone would have any suggestions. I can commit 50 years for a bird. I do live in a condo right now. I never own a bird before. I would like to have a cuddly bird. I have minor allergies. I would love to do...
  5. ZY28

    Green Cheek Conure or a Quaker parrot?

    Hey, I am doing my research for my first birds. I ended up narrowing it down to tow species, the GCC and the Quaker parrot. I really love Quakers! I love how they look, their personality and the fact that they may talk adds a good bonus. Since I do share walls with neighbors, I am scared that...
  6. R

    Suggestions for bird species

    Hello, I was thinking about getting a galah but I am having dificulty finding one for sale or adoption, and was wondering if there was any other species anybody would recommend for me. I am mostly looking for a bird that is playful, and touchable, not necessarily snugly or cuddly but a hands on...
  7. Marlienchen

    Which Bird should we get? Suggestions needed! :)

    Hello everyone, hope I'm in the right part of the forum. :) Me and my Boyfriend have been thinking about getting a Bird for long now. I already have 9 years of experience with my two Budgies which still live at my moms house now, because I moved too far away to take them with me. We would love...
  8. Atomiklan

    Birdy census

    Is there anything built into the forums that's tied into accounts and if not, perhaps its something we can turn on or something the administrators can post forum wide that acts as a sort of bird census? I have noticed that certain species sub forums seem to get a LOT more activity than others...
  9. veronica2000

    Describe your flock!

    I only have one bird right now, but am feeling the need for more! (MBS) :wideyed: Don’t worry, I’m not about to impulse buy any birds, I’m just wondering, how big is your flock? What species do you have? How do they all get along? I’d like to hear the good and bad about having a mix of...
  10. veronica2000

    Oops! White eared conure not gcc!

    So I just adopted a white eared conure the other day and I feel a bit dumb :ashamed2: I thought white eared was just a colour variant of GCC! S/He is the sweetest little bird and we already love him so much! For now I’m assuming his care/diet would be the same a a green cheek, but anyone on here...