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  1. dollfish

    Astro does tricks to be blow-dried!

    This is Astro after shower yesterday. He loves being blow-dried so much that he will do tricks for it! Does anyone else's parrot do this? He also seems to enjoy the sound of the vacuum cleaner, he's a cute ball!
  2. asrielshaven

    How do your IRNs like to be bathed?

    Looking to introduce my baby Indian Ringneck to bathing soon! He's still young, but we still need to keep those feathers clean :p What methods do you all use? I've heard from several sources that these birds are not the biggest fans of water, but of course each one's an individual. I was...
  3. birdashes

    Hates showers ... but likes ‘air’ bathes?

    Hi! Wow it’s been awhile since I was on here... So my RB2 hates showers. I rarely shower him due to how much he HATES them. I think he is mostly afraid of the spray bottle, but I’m not sure. It’s very frustrating , because he gets to the point where he really needs a bath but it scares him.. so...
  4. hrafn

    Helping Taco through his fear of water

    Much unlike the macaws I see in videos who go absolutely nuts for a shower, Taco has a fear of water unlike anything I've ever seen. No attempts I've tried (spray bottle, reptile mister, shower, shallow bowl, hose, all temperatures) have been successful, as everything outside of his water dish...
  5. Harpo's mom

    To shower or bath, that is the question

    I have a 4 month old Love Bird. I know they love water. I am wondering if you find your bird enjoys baths or showers. If baths, what one do you have. Shallow or deep..
  6. D

    standoffs cockatiel

    Hello! About 3 months ago we got a young-ish female cockatiel. She is fully grown but they said she was only about 4 months old or so, which means she's still under a year old now. She had no training but since we got her she has become tame enough to step up (although she won't come near me if...