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  1. G

    Seed & Sprouts Help!

    Can sprouted seeds fully replace normal dry seed mix in my bird's daily diet? It seems to me to be perfectly fine; better and healthier even. But I'd still like other people's opinions and knowledge. Thanks so much!
  2. Raisins

    Confused after the vet visit

    I brought one of my budgies to the vet today because she had dirty feathers around the vent and I have been worried about her increasing weight. They did an x-ray on her and diagnosed her with a lipoma. They understandably prescribed a diet. The prescribed seed mix seems to have the same...
  3. AussieBird

    Seed mixes ?

    Looking for recommendations for seed mixes, and what to look for in a seed mix. For budgies Please before suggesting make sure it’s available in Australia Don’t want one with added stuff such as sunflower seeds, fruits, and grit Available online, as I am avoiding stores right now And if...
  4. peachypjm

    Best food for wild birds

    Hi !! making this post so I could get some info on what feed mixes you all like and use for wild birds outside !!! My family wants to set up more bird feeders and stuff, but we can't find any good wild bird feed mixes! Also, does anyone know what to do about squirrels getting into the bird food...
  5. anurim

    First try on sprouted seeds :)

    Hello everyone! I have recently tried sprouting seeds for Finn, as I've been wanting to make his diet a little diverse. Now, I do have some questions that may be a little basic, but I just want to be sure. How do you store the seeds? Does it need to be a container with a lid, or not? Also, my...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    Are cucumbers safe for budgies?

    Hello, So my birds are moulting and I want to give them cucumbers because I heard it’s very hydrating and is good for feathering. Although, I have read somewhere that the seeds are bad for them and that you must remove the seeds because it can make your bird “sick”. I have seen many people give...
  7. Mango5

    Lovebird Diet

    Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some reading online about lovebird diets and apparently you are not supposed to feed them a lot of seeds. I’ve had my lovebird mango for less then a year and I occasionally give him veggies and fruits, I also give him pellets but he barely touches them. Do you guys...
  8. RainbowFlo

    Seed Mixes in the UK

    Hi! Sorry to bother anyone but I was wondering if anyone knew of any quality seed mixes I could find in the UK that you know of or you use for a tiel (or similar sized bird). Most that I've seen or scarletss have a lot of added berries and dried bananas etc. which sounds like a lot of sugar to...
  9. mybluebirb

    Healthy seeds?

    I’m planning to help my parrot make a healthy food change. My parrots current diet usually consists of sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables (they’re literally the only foods she enjoys). I always give my parrot a mixture of many different seeds in her food bowl, however, she literally only...
  10. KimD

    Favorite seeds for sprouting?

    Hi everyone, I've been getting great info and advice from these forums for a couple of years, but this is my first actual post, so bear with me! LOL I know there are already several threads here on sprouting, but they're awfully long for me to sort through and some are getting pretty old. I...
  11. charlieboy

    Need help with Charlie's seed part of his diet!

    Hi guys! Charlie is running low on the homemade seed mix we got from the breeder (pictures above mixed with a bunch of colored pellets) which is pretty far away, so I decided to go to the pet shop and give commercial seed mixes a try. I tried my best to pick the healthiest they had, at least...
  12. Flynn

    Before and After Pellets

    Hey! I was wondering if anybody has pictures of their parrot before and after using pellets. I love seeing those types of comparisons :). Also, for those that did convert their parrot off of seeds, how long did it take to see a real difference in plumage?
  13. P

    Help! Abnormal poops. Urgent?

    My ten month old tiel has been having abnormal poops. They are the usual color, but there are undigested seeds in them. What should I do? Is the urgent, should I visit a vet?
  14. AkasyaEllric


    Does anyone else love the way they smell? I find myself sniffing the jar through the whole process after the initial soak. I'm glad I finally found a mix both I and the fids enjoy also.
  15. Zoepr143

    Pictures ...what are pellets, Anyways?

    so i know pellets are better than seeds but why? And how? I really don’t know much about them. At the moment i use a seedmix and veggies (+millet and sunflowerseeds when they’re being good birds) should i be switching to pellets rather than seeds? And what are the benefits? Yesterday i opened a...
  16. Atomiklan

    Sprouted Seed

    So I am having a very difficult time finding seed that will actually sprout... Granted I probably have not been doing a very good job searching as I am picky and trying to find that perfect and easy source. Very first seed I tried was a mixed bag of wild finch seed mix. I figured it probably...
  17. MajesticOcelol

    What seed to get for budgies? (UK)

    I'm getting a budgie, but a lot sooner than I anticipated. I'm aware a lot of brands of mass produced budgie seed are bad for them, but I'm getting it in the next week and live in a remote area and don't have time to order a organic/healthy seed mix. Does anyone live in the UK and know of a good...
  18. pkrang

    Confused about what to feed cockatiel?

    I recently bought a handfed cockatiel from a bird specialist and plan to pick it up soon. I asked an employee about what exactly to feed my bird and he said to feed it about 3/4 seeds and 1/4 pellets (because as he stated "too many pellets will calcify its liver") but from all the research I've...
  19. R

    New Macaw Mommy

    Hi everyone, I am a new red fronted macaw mommy! This is the first forum I have ever joined and I'm hoping it will help expand my knowledge. I received my red fronted macaw as a gift, I only have experience with a Moluccan Cockatoo, so I am hoping someone that has experience with macaws will be...