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  1. Atiq

    Pictures Cockatiel Petting & Bonding Tips

    Hi there, my wife and I recently got a hand raised cockatiel. We got the cockatiel when he/she (we don’t know the sex yet) was about 12 weeks old and we’ve had it for 3 weeks now. I think it’s gotten really comfortable with me since I work from home and I put the tiel on my desk while I work and...
  2. daxthetiel

    Pictures Dax, my 3yr old cockatiel, loves rubbing my face, but wont accept hand scritches

    Hello all, My little guy, Dax, seems to love scritches, and constantly asks for face-to-face rubs (I rub my cheek on his head) but absolutely cannot stand fingers near his face. He has no problem stepping up or hanging out on my hands (only mine, will not accept my husband's or visitors'...
  3. LoveToki

    Happy birb sounds

    Theres really nothing like the sound of a happy birb
  4. hrafn

    Video Aurélie has finally decided...

    ...that my fingers are allowed to scritch! She's been so anti-touch since she was a tiny baby that I wondered whether she'd grow up to be hands-off like her older grey siblings. I didn't really mind, since not everyone likes a scritch, but just now she bent down her head, fluffed up her...
  5. hrafn

    Pictures I just love 'im

    Photodump just because he's cute. :D
  6. WallyCockatiel

    Grab Training?

    I have a 7.5 month old male cockatiel and I was wondering.. How do you train them to be calf when you hold them? I've seen this video (link below) of someone holding his parrot and I thought... How does he do that? So I thought why not ask you guys because I don't really know how. Is there any...
  7. WallyCockatiel

    Bird doesn't like scritches?

    I have a 7 month old male Cockatiel, tamed and clipped by breeder, hasn't molted yet, I have had a few birds in my past experience. My buddy is tame and steps up, likes having company. But he wont let me touch or hold him. He occasionally lets me scratch him a little in the morning, but other...
  8. WallyCockatiel

    Bird’s pin feathers

    I have a 6-month old, wing-clipped male cockatiel (you can see him in my profile pic), he hasn’t molted yet. I noticed ever since we got him (about 3 months ago) he has these pin feathers all around his neck and head. He is super comfortable with me touching him but I never gave him a scritch...
  9. hrafn

    Video Taco demands scritches!

  10. AkasyaEllric

    How dare you stop human!

    First time trying to add a video, so hopefully this works. Another big step made with Slade. I haven't been petting him much just to give him his space. This was the other night however, and it's still happening daily so I think we may be pretty good now! I haven't worked on getting him to...
  11. accio-birdies

    Avoiding Jealousy?

    Hibou and Forrest get along very well for such different species! For the most part they are completely uninterested in each other, but they will sing together, eat together, and sometimes they'll try and preen each other, but I avoid super close contact to be on the safe side. Don't worry, they...
  12. Dgirard

    Zazu melting my heart as always

    Zazu and I had a good long snowpocalypse cuddle session. He is such a sweetheart :swoon: He normally doesn't like being touched that much, but has recently started asking for scritches by rubbing his head against my fingers. It melts my heart :cloud9: