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scared cockatiel

  1. alexandrag

    Struggling to tame cockatiel

    I am terrified of not being able to regain my cockatiel’s trust. I gained it and then lost it when I made him feel scared and stressed in attempt to return him to his cage as a matter of urgency. Since then it has been incredibly hard to get him to trust or like me again. He used to take treats...
  2. K

    Taming 5 year old cockatiel

    Hello! i rescued a 5 year old female cockatiel named willie, shes pretty much been left in a cage her whole life. She’s absolutely petrified of people and hands, if I come to the cage she will move to the far side. She will eat millet from my hand if I approach her slowly. I don’t know what...
  3. H

    taming two 2 months old cockatiels.

    I have two beautiful two months old cockatiels that I helped their parents raise by hand feeding them with the parents daily. I didn't spend much time with them after hand feeding, not more than 1-2 minutes in my hand talking to them. they step up when I push my finger against their chest they...
  4. H

    Please help! Cockatiel terrified of everything

    Before I get started let me say that I have searched and searched for answers. They are all about untamed cockatiels... So. My baby Morty was born in May of last year. I have had him since Sept. He was hand fed and will step up and eat out of my hands etc. BUT, he is terrified of everything. We...
  5. rylanminer

    Trouble Gaining Trust with my cockatiel Cherrio

    Hey everyone! My name is Rylan Miner, and about 7 months ago I purchased a loving cockatiel that I named Cherrio. Since I bought the bird I am still uncertain about wether she is a boy or a girl, and even how old she it! This is some information that I don’t know about her. (I call her a girl)...
  6. C

    Help with scared and aggressive cockatiel

    Hello everyone! I need your help! About two years ago I rescued a cockatiel (Lucky) and a budgie (Tiny), both seniors, from a bad situation. They were in the care of a friend of mine who didn't take good care of them. Their cage was always filthy, their toys were never changed, they were on a...
  7. Crazybirdwoman

    Need alot of advice

    Hi Bird people, I've read alot of the articles on here already about how to tame your cockateil and general care etc etc. But I'm afraid my little guy Mr Burns is quite unique. I adopted him from the animal shelter, he is missing most of the feathers on his head because apparently the other...
  8. K

    Getting Mango to adjust

    hi there! I’m new here. I have a cockatiel named Mango. A little background on me and then I’ll get to my concerns! I’ve grown up around birds, mainly large Parrots. I even have a blue and gold tattood on my arm. So for the most part, I have experience with birds. Just, not smaller birds. So I...
  9. shayla

    My cockatiel is sick/injured?

    Hi, its been a while. So this post is about my female cockatiel, Chicken, because i have noticed some concerning things about her health just recently. First of all, i think there's a hole in her head. No, its not her ears, it's under her crest feathers on top of her scalp. It kinda looks more...
  10. SunnySideUp

    Frightened Cockatiel

    I recently got a pet cockatiel that I've had for almost over two months, and he/she seems to be afraid of everything but me. Whenever I let it run around on my bedroom floor, it just runs right back to me and perches on my shoulder. I got some new toys for its cage and it is too scared to go...
  11. BirdDad

    Scared Cockatiel

    Hi there, I have a ten month old cockatiel and she gets scared a lot for seemingly no reason. When she was flighted she would fly into walls so I decided it would be safer to clip her wings. On Friday she was scared again, for seemingly no reason, and leapt off her cage. She broke a blood...