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respiratory issues

  1. Ichigopink

    Urgent Ongoing wheezing respiratory sound symptoms in bourke parakeet

    Videos to accompany post: Ichigos current wheezing (Google drive video right now but I'll be uploading to youtube shortly and updating this post):Click here or copy this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UZ6NRLTIFQUZG0GIYXm47RjW29Y8viox/view?usp=drivesdk Ichigos past wheezing when in...
  2. MrChowsMum


    Hi there, I have just joined avian avenue to be apart of a community that loves their birds as much as I love mine. I have a 8 year old Indian Ringneck named Charlie (Mr Chow), who unfortunately has re occurring respiratory issues. I hope to find support and coping mechanisms through this...
  3. maounm

    7 weeks old macaw panting

    Hi my 7 week old macaw was heavily panting when he was resting today. Sometimes he is just normal and when he rests he pants. If i play with him and is walking his breath remains normal. Please help. I am sharing a youtube video link https://youtube.com/shorts/xavoUCNB0M8 Playing
  4. Nostromo

    Help with Interpretation of Vet Findings

    Hi guys! Looking for some insight about what the avian vet told us today. Our almost 10 yo Pionus has had chronic sneezing/respiratory issues since we adopted her 2.5 years ago. The issues come and go, and never seemed to get worse; we didn't have the money to afford full testing, and when we...