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  1. Tabracadabra

    Pictures Popo and Izi, the Parrotlets

    Hello all, I’ve had budgies before, but it was 25 years ago and the very height of sophisticated bird care was finding room in the tiny cage for the inevitable mirror, although that might have been because I was a kid with limited access to information and had to depend on the pet store for all...
  2. S

    Hello! New here & would love some suggestions...

    Hi everyone! I have had budgies a few times in my life, but not for a very long time now. I also did wildlife rescue/rehab many years ago. I took care of several waterbird species and also kingfishers and lorikeets. It was very rewarding! I have always been an avid bird watcher. About a...
  3. GabeCast

    Parrots First in LA?

    I was looking into helping out in a sanctuary to meet some more birds and such before getting my own. I am moving to Santa Clarita, CA (Los Angeles) at the end of this month (June). I came across Parrots First which is in Sylmar, about 15 minutes from Santa Clarita. They're website has pretty...
  4. FinchCanary

    Pictures How to care for our new birds ??? (Long Post)

    Hey all! This is a LONG post! We picked up 2 canaries and 2 finches from a rescue sanctuary towards the start of March. Initially they were in a small cage with no perches when we got them. All of them have damage to varying extents on their feet (some bent and even missing toes :() and the...
  5. FinchCanary

    Hello! Welcoming new rescues

    Hi all! A new bird owner here. I have recently come into the care of some rescues, two finches and two canaries. I am working on a more detailed post for Bird Boulevard with their circumstances, lots of questions, and some pictures for reference. All the best!
  6. C

    Rescues or adoptable birds in TX/LA?

    I'm struggling with finding rescues in my area. I would be willing to travel but most rescues won't allow you to adopt out of state (which I understand.) I am in Houston. I am also willing to adopt directly from an owner, but I would need to contact them and have a discussion to get more...