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  1. H

    Introduced new bird without Quarantine

    Hey, As the title says, I (stupidly) brought a new bird (IRN) into my home and placed the cage into the same room as my current bird (budgie). I was naive to the fact that you had to quarantine birds before introducing and it’s now been >24hrs since I got him. The person I got the bird from...
  2. Tenleigh

    Can birds get covid?

    I tested positive for Covid-19 this morning. I been seeing mixed answers if birds can get COVID-19 or not. Does anyone know if I can spend COVID-19 to my cockatiel? If birds can’t get COVID-19, can some people give me tips how to entertain my bird while we quarantine in a room?
  3. PtsOliver

    To quarantine, can I move other birds?

    I recently got two new Cockatiels. They are currently in my room with my parakeet. The only other room in our house that the cats can't get in is my brother's. The problem is that he doesn't have room for the standing flight cage the Cockatiels have. He can fit the cage with my parakeet though...
  4. niamhk

    is quarantine needed?

    So i’m adopting a jenday conure on sunday. he’ll be joining my current flock and hopefully will bond with my jenday isla. Avery is a year old and has lived with his old owner for most that time. she took him out of a bad situation where he was kept in a dog crate with no attention and a pure...
  5. M

    Have a problem with quarantine place

    Hi, I bought new birds but I don't keep it into my birds room. But the problem is I don't have quarantine place in my house. In my birds room has a balcony I attached picture. Yellow colored arrow is my birds room door and red colored arrow is quarantine place where I want to do quarantine. If...
  6. Lily’s mom

    New bird quarantine

    I’m getting a new bird this Sunday out a not so great place. I am going to keep the new guy in a different room than Lily. However, when I called an avian vet and asked wether I should bring them one at a time (Lily needs a yearly checkup and the new guy need a checkup) or together they said I...
  7. M

    I have a problem in my new birds with quarantine session

    Hi, Few days ago I bought some Budgies and keep them in separate room and in separate cages from my aviary for 16 days. In this last 2 weeks I notice they are healthy. In this last 2 weeks I give them spray for mites, anti viral medicine spray and give them to natural remedies against virus...
  8. W

    Can a respiratory infection spread through toys?

    Hi, there. First post. I am planning to adopt a green cheek conure once I find a good breeder in Georgia. The problem is, I have a little budgie who had a respiratory infection a few weeks back. He has since recovered (stopped antibiotics last week) and is back to normal, but I am still...
  9. hrafn

    How far is far enough?

    Since everybody's sequestered around the house during Taco and Kamara's quarantine, all in very random places, I'm starting to wonder how the fids will be sorted once quarantine is over. The same room is too dangerous even with insane filtration right? Would adjacent rooms be okay?
  10. veronica2000

    Another Conure?

    Hey, so my boyfriend and I have had a pyrrhura conure, Dino, for about 2 and a half weeks (maybe white eared, honestly not sure, you can see my other thread on that). He is 4 months old and he is very very sweet, doesn’t bite, cuddles, plays, is learning target training and a few other things...
  11. Whoviana

    Quarantine tips

    We have a 7 mo GCC named Sunflower. We are getting a baby CBC to be her friend. I know we need to quatantine Cherry Blossom (the CBC) before introducing them, and then house them separately until they get used to each other. I was hoping for some tips for quarantining and introducing Cherry...