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quaker behavior

  1. Z

    Quaker temperament

    Hi! My Quaker Yoshi has become extremely agressive the last few weeks and he keeps picking at my moms skin( much higher rate) and mine sometimes (new habit) . He also has developed a habit of only sitting on top of doors and cabinets. Not to mention flying around the house like crazy(which I’m...
  2. R

    Help! Two male/sibling quakers

    Hey Everyone -- I need a little help here. My husband and I purchased two quaker parrots (reportedly both males per DNA test) back in March, who are brothers from the same parent & born together. We got them at about 8 weeks old in March. When we got them home, we left them remaining within the...
  3. B

    My Quaker is obsess with my cat

    Hi! I have a Blue Quaker named Stitch, and he’s your typical Quaker with a Quaker attitude. He’ll have his good days and his moody days, mostly moody. The concern I have as of lately, however, is that Stitch is oddly obsessed with my cat. My cat is relatively calm, so he doesn’t have much...
  4. JulietRose

    Cage aggression?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to tone down cage aggression. My Quaker that I got pretty recently is very friendly once out of his cage but when he’s in it or on it he can be pretty nasty. For instance I was trying to change his food while he was in the cage (my mistake) I...
  5. Rekillkos

    Feather advice (?)

    Hello all. I have a blue Quaker parrot who I’ve and for a few months now. I cal it a she and named her Billie. I keep plenty of other birds too, but I have a few questions for anyone with more Quaker experience than me. Billies’ previous owners clipped her wings, and as a result her tail is...
  6. J

    Biting faces

    hey! I just got my self a Quaker, he’s 1 and a half called grinch. Anyway. When he comes on my shoulder he automatically comes straight for my face to bite me, what can I do to prevent this
  7. X

    Quaker help?

    Hi all, new parrot owner here! I’ve recently adopted a super sweet Quaker that I’m just in love with. I spent 2 years researching, and making sure I knew how to care, what to expect, and even took bird care classes. I was prepared even knowing that I couldn’t know everything! Well, I adopted a 3...
  8. mybirdandi

    Planning to home a 4 year old Quaker.

    I’m planning to home a 4 year old Quaker from an 18 year old who is finishing his final years of high school. He and I have called and discussed the logistics and the profile of the bird. I am wondering and needing assistance with the information I’ve received, what I need to look out for and...
  9. M

    I need advice for my Quaker Parrot!

    Okay so I have a baby Quaker 3 months old (20 weeks old) and I've had him for maybe a little over a month now and I was wondering how long it takes them to get used to their owners? He's very skittish and doesn't let my hands by him, he won't step up unless I have a treat and it's a wood dowel...
  10. Montybird

    Quaker Parrot Hates Harness

    So I got a harness for my Quaker parrot who’s about a year old, Monty. It was all fine before I put it on him. He seemed okay while I was putting the harness on him. But, when it was fully on, he seemed broken. He kept biting the harness and his feet held on to the harness which meant that he...
  11. Vmax

    Quaker behaviors by age

    Quaker lovers, tell me what your young Quaker did/does? Older bird? I think Hiccup is relatively young, although s/he might be displaying reticence as we are getting to know one another. Hiccup seems unsure about taking off in flight. I watched my conure, Max, go through this when he first...