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plucking or preening

  1. K

    Is it plucking or molting?

    Hi everyone, it’s me again, but I have been noticing that there have been feathers at the bottom of kiwis cage. They look like they’re feathers from kiwis chest area because they’re very small. I also don’t see any skin, but I am noticing grey patches so it’s making me a bit nervous. Kiwi...
  2. LiefDuivel

    Video Plucking or Preening + Molting

    Noticed just today my boy has been preening and itching with his foot more than usual, and taking feathers out. Its mostly downy feathers and the occasional top feathers/tail feather. He's not pulling hard or anything, but its more feathers than I used to seeing him preen out, and he has no pin...
  3. K

    Quaker Plucks?

    Hello, I bought Taro (now 10-11 months) at a pet store. I was told that he had bitten off one of his toe because of the stress of moving into the store. Knowing this I still got him and hadn’t had issues with anything until now. He has been plucking his tail feathers?? I found one feather on the...
  4. L

    Plucking/barbering or molting?

    Hey, I registered for this site cause I was wondering if my GCC is just having a rough molt or is barbering/plucking Here's an older video (September 2nd) of him picking at the area Here's a new video of him picking at the area. It's worse quality than the first vid but I took pictures...
  5. MarieBux

    Cockatiel plucking after laying eggs

    Hello everyone, I'm a becoming increasingly concerned as my female cockatiel daisy has been plucking on her chest feathers and a bit around the top of her legs. Daisy also laid her first egg on the first of July. She had a cluch of 4 egg which we're fertile. On the 28th of July her first egg...
  6. S

    Is my cockatoo plucking or molting?

    So I have recently adopted a 3 year old female SC2 (Charlee) that had previously been owned by a family friend, unfortunately they didn't have enough time to provide her with the attention and care she needs, and before them, Charlee had been in hand-reared in a house with other parrots...
  7. J

    Conure plucking or molting?

    Conure has developed white fluff on his belly not sure if its him plucking or part of a molt. He gets kale/cilantro blueberries carrots in the morning occasionally strawberries and other fruits/veg, then harrisons pellets during the day. He recently turned 1. Pictures below
  8. R

    Is my Indian ringneck plucking or molting

    Can someone please help me figure out weather or not my 7 month old Indian ring neck is plucking or if hes just molting.
  9. S

    Plucking or Molting?

    Hi all. I have a green cheek conure, almost 9 months old. A few weeks ago, we took him for a bloof test and since then, he has been losing feathers way way too fast. His head is covered with pins. Every day I see a few feathers at the bottom of the cage and I see a few falling when he is with...
  10. Angela_2

    Losing feather :(

    Hello there, it's my first ever post in here so please if i post this issue in wrong place let me know^^* So. I got my first parrot, a young ringnecked parakeet but his feathers isn't in good condition, i have him for only month until now(still don't know if he's a male of female but i will talk...
  11. conureluv

    Is my bird plucking?

    My 2 mo old conure is missing some feathers underneath his wings and on them and I’m worried he’s plucking. I can’t get photos of him because he’s not very comfortable with me touching his wings yet. But here’s a little drawing;