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pineapple gcc

  1. DuckyLou

    Bedtime Struggles- need help!

    Hi Conure family! I am in need of some advice and support. My little girl Duck is a pineapple conure. She just turned a year old on July 9, so she’s almost a year and 2 months. each night I put her to bed in a separate night time cage that’s more travel size cage than her full daytime cage...
  2. DuckyLou

    Help me prepare for puberty?

    Hi Avian Family! Duck is officially 7 months old as of today. She is lovable and snuggly, and an overall sweetheart. I know that puberty will hit at some point, and I’m prepared for a change of behavior (teenagers, am I right?). I’m hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for what I’m in...
  3. DuckyLou

    Miss my baby when she goes to bed, anyone else?

    Hey all! This post has no real question, or need of a suggestion or advice. I am just sitting here in bed, and my pineapple conure Duck goes to bed usually between 7:30-8pm. And I can’t help but think as soon as she goes to bed I miss her and can’t wait for her to wake up in the morning. Does...
  4. DuckyLou

    What's Your Favorite Toy Brand??

    Hi Everyone! With all the warnings out there for bird toy materials, pieces, products, etc. I wanted to ask on the forum what everyone's favorite bird toy brand is or what their favorite website is to buy toys from? I see the following come up pretty often and I'd like everyone's take, as I'd...
  5. DuckyLou

    Green Cheek Conure "Mouthy"?

    Hi Everyone! My Pineapple Conure, Ducky, is just over 3 months old. She was hand raised and I've had her almost 2 weeks. I am so in love with her it's crazy. Her personality is coming out more and more each day. One I guess concerning habit she has is she seems somewhat "mouthy." By that I mean...
  6. goatsRus

    Proper appraoch to raising GCC (pineapple)

    Hello all! I have recently brought home my first green cheek conure I've come to call Sunny. I don't know the gender (I default to male since "it" sounds impersonal) but he's hand fed, recently weened (about 4 months) and has been in the house for almost a week. I'm no stranger to small...
  7. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  8. C

    Please Share Experiences

    Within the next year or so I'm looking to get my first personal bird within a year, so no rush. For a long time I was dead set on lovebirds, because they are so sweet and I love the sounds they make. But after spending a few hours on some different threads I'm really drawn towards conures. What...
  9. Kayandkotori

    Bird biting and won't let go

    Hello, I have a pineapple GCC that used to absolutely love pets and hate getting on my hand. I've had him for about a month. After a bunch of treats and encouragement, he will finally step out of the cage onto my hand beautifully - but only on this occasion, as he won't step on my fingers at all...