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  1. Gersha

    Budgie noises

    Not sure if this was my budgie or a mouse who made these noises, but it started around 5 am when I heard strange squeaking and small sneezing I think. I shined a light in the cage and noticed one of my birds eggs hatched but I cannot see the baby and am not sure if the strange squeaking came...
  2. J

    Budgie That Gurgles

    Hello! So, I have two little adorable birds, and they are specifically budgies. One of my budgies, we’ll call her S, has been having this issue with her throat (?) I am unsure, but it sounds like she’s trying to keep a lot of mucus down. When I got my other budgie, we’ll call him N, he always...
  3. Xoetix

    Hungry noises, but not hungry?

    Hi y’all! My (still nameless) little poop machine today is making noises like he’s hungry (the aaaaaah!aaaaaah! noise) but he’s already eaten, and isn’t interested in more, once it’s offered. What else does this noise mean? He’s on my shoulder and I’m talking/whistling to him, so it can’t be...
  4. shedua

    My Cockatiel purrs when being pet?

    Hello, I've had my female cockatiel for about a year now, and every time I give her a petting session, she always makes this chirping noise. I've tried to find videos of other tiels making the same noise but to no avail. Does anyone else's cockatiel make this noise or something similar? I'd be...
  5. S

    kakariki high pitched squeaks

    recently, my kakariki has been making very high pitched squeaks and it’s becoming more frequent. they are completely different to the normal sounds he makes and it’s quite worrying. what could this mean?
  6. S

    Budgie Chirp Change

    So I’ve read up on budgies when their noises change its a sign they could be sick. I recently got a cockatiel to be my budgies buddy. my budgie really likes her. Anyway, recently the budgie chirps differently every once in a while. It sounds exactly like the cockatiels chirp and is not...
  7. Mason and Kiwi

    My GCC is making a weird noise...

    [Side note: please excuse my legs in the video, I had to record her making the noises while she was on my shoulder!! Just listen to her noises.] Hey, so I just got my green cheek conure, Kiwi, a little over a week ago. We have already bonded pretty well, and I took her to the vet today for a...
  8. SirTango

    Considering rehoming Tango

    This is crazy to think about but lately I can't help it. I have these lurking thoughts that Tango is the cause of my anger problems. I have never been an angry person, but a couple of months after I got him I started developing anger issues. It started really small. At first it was just...
  9. Charqee

    )How much is too much? (Chirping/Screaming/Shrill Cheeping)

    Hello there! Thank you guys for all your help so far! I have another quick question in regards to chirping/other various noises Pico has been making. Early in the morning, around 6, Pico will begin to gently chirp with the birds outside. But by 8 or 9 o clock he goes on a tirade of continuous...