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  1. G

    New hatchling, formula consistency question

    Hi all, I have a question about the consistency of the formula for a 4 day old chick. Backstory, our cockatiels laid 3 eggs, one was bad, one hatched and the parents neglected/ killed it, and the 3rd hatched as well. They almost started taking care of it, then started to neglect and abuse it...
  2. L

    Help with Babies in planted colony

    Hi everyone, I'm Nico from Italy. I have 8 roseicollis in a 14 m2 outdoor aviary with plants and small trees. I have moved my parrots in this large aviary a few years ago and I find it incredible to be able to see them interacting with the natural world and to face the different seasons and...
  3. Stlpetownr

    Please give opinions about a newborn tiel recently purchased

    I recently purchased a bird from a private breeder. She claimed the bird was 10 days old and Saturday, 20 March 2021. However my past experience and research put the baby at about five days old. My question is, is my newborn stunted? One of his eyes is barely trying to open and the other has...
  4. Britnicorn

    Urgent Newborn Budgie laying flat on stomach?? Help!!

    She ate fine about 20 minutes ago, now she’s laying like this and hardly moving. She curls up and chirps at the presence of my hand, but that’s it. Is this normal?? (She’s one day old, neglected by breeders)
  5. Britnicorn

    I need some advice on a neglected baby budgie I received

    Hi! For some context, one of my family friends started breeding her parakeets... it was a terrible idea in my opinion, because she has no idea what she’s doing. The budgie in question hatched yesterday (01/20) and was not being fed by the parents, and basically shoved away. Honestly, I had seen...
  6. N

    PLEASE HELP newborn baby lovebird with sour crop

    I don’t know what’s wrong with our newborn lovebirds. They are less than one week old and their crop will not go down. Today we also noticed swelling around their abdomen and are taking them to the vet in the morning. We think it might be seeds that their mom fed them but are unsure and just...