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  1. Angel n co


    Hello my names Tanya! I joined this forum because I'm in desperate need of bird owners inputs and who have more experience owning birds then I do haha. I recently got budgies, one sadly passed and I'm trying to make my seconds ones life amazing for her. My first one was Bluebelle and he was...
  2. ktluvszoe

    Terrible at making grains and legumes. Bird seems to know it lol. Is this frozen quinoa mix parrot safe for chop?

    Last chop I made, my bird wouldn't eat any of her legumes or grains at all. Personally, I'm a pretty good cook but I suck at making myself beans or rice, never the right texture, so I don't blame her. Wondering what you all think regarding adding this frozen quinoa blend to her next batch of...
  3. ktluvszoe

    Roaches in bedroom! Help me find a similar cage w/ horizontal bars pls

    Hi all, TDL: I need to get rid of roaches and am looking for new appropriate day cage ($100-250 w/ horizontal bars), to do all feedings and keep away from bedroom I’m having the worst nightmare rn! I’ve started to redecorate my room recently and purchased a new zinus bed and mattress (both from...
  4. KiwiPo

    Needy Bird Please Help

    Today is his second day home. At the store he was hand fed and handled and was not scared of us. Yesterday, he immediately started playing with his toys, ate his seeds( we r planning on feeding him pellets but r going to wait on that) and even tried some eggs, killer Dave bread, and lemon...
  5. Bbybleu


    HELP (Update): bleu (my older budgie I’ve had for a year now) is obsessed with the new young bird I bought. They are both males although I’m not sure the young one is 100% a male. The new young one does not like bleu because bleu is bothering him. Bleu keeps putting his foot on him and giving...
  6. Bbybleu


    I need help! So I bought my old budgie (who had now been with me for 1 year) a new budgie and he is being aggressive towards me. He is NEVER like this. Me and him have such a strong bond and he never acts like this. Now it’s attacking me and biting me when I come near his new friend. Anyone know...
  7. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel doesn’t understand toys?

    so my cockatiel, jupiter, is 1 year and 5 months old already and still doesn’t understand the concept of toys. how can i introduce them to her and what type of toys would be good for a bird with no experience?
  8. S

    New member

    Hi, My name is Jacqueline, from Maryland. I have a Sun Conure and Hahn’s Macaw and I love my birbs very much. Excited to have joined this Community!
  9. A

    I'm here!!

    Hello everyone, I have been here for a couple of days now, but haven't had time to do this yet. Some of you may already know a bit about me from my thread about a Mixed Species Aviary. I have been keeping birds for a few years now, including budgies, finches, cockatiels, red rumped parakeets...
  10. CosmoKram

    Questions and Queries from a new bird owner.

    Hi! My name is Maggie. Just yesterday I picked up my first bird ever, an 8 week old hand raised suspected male cockatiel named Cosmo. He is absolutely amazing. Even though i have only really had him for a day and a half he is very affectionate and loves being pat. I just have a couple concerns...
  11. Crystal&Rosie

    New on Avian Avenue

    hi, I’m new here and I’m a bird owner of 2 parakeets, Crystal and Rosie. I have included a picture of my birds!
  12. Rigin

    Help! New bird owner with two lovebirds

    Unexpectedly, my dad came home yesterday with a cage with two lovebirds in it; One green and the other blue. He knew that I've had a fascination with birds and planned to get one of my own eventually, which is what spurred the sudden turn of events. When I came home from work, I proceeded to...
  13. C

    New to cockatiels

    Hi there. I recently bought a 4 month old pearl cockatiel and even though I've researched as much as possible I was wondering if there are any tips when starting out that people tend to overlook or not find so easily on the internet. I have no experience owning birds in the past so this is my...
  14. Chiyo_Burb

    Hi! I love my Quaker birb!

    Hello! I have a ten week old female Quaker named Chiyo! I've been raised with budgies and and even a house sparrow so I found it was time to finally get a larger species! I weaned her on to Harrison's high potency fine and she's such a cuddly girl. I also work as kennel staff at an exotic...
  15. PurpleFeathers


    Hello All, My name is Omar, and I am new to this forum, I own a Harligold Macaw and used to previously breed lovebirds, budgies and finches. -PurpleFeathers (Omar)