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new bird help

  1. E&MBudge

    Rainbow Lorikeet Strange Behaviour

    Hi folks, bit new here so excuse any mistakes. We've recently adopted a Rainbow Lorikeet (have yet to name him/her so any suggestions there are welcome), she's an absolute sweetheart when we have her out of the cage, will sit with us, knows how to sit on our arm etc. However when trying to take...
  2. L

    Hello there!

    Hi everyone! I'm a brand newby to this forum and forums in general. And birds!!! Looking forward to chatting and learning some new info. I owned a marooned bellied conure as a child but haven't had a bird in my care in a LONG time. Tomorrow ends this as I'm taking my baby girl to get her...
  3. Fawnia

    My Next Bird...

    Greetings, I am new to this fourm and I have many question ^^ Sadly, my pet cockatiel just passed for unknown reasons last month. I fed him right, gave him love everyday, just one day.. how sad. Anyways, I am looking into getting a new bird that is not a cockatiel. So I need help making a...
  4. Duel

    How do I tame a lovebird?

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and recently got my first pet/bird. The bird I have is a male lovebird (DNA tested) and was born Aug. 21 2018 so it's still a baby plus it was raised by getting hand fed. So far I got it a 68 inch bird cage and always make sure its food and water is still good...
  5. Nukavine

    Video Tiel screaming

    I know I've done a thread on this recently but I filmed the guy and will put it here. Apologies if I shouldn't post this many threads and should just continue old ones I'm just worried I might be doing something wrong as a new bird owner, I want to make sure Sol has as good a life as I can make it.
  6. Nukavine

    New Cockatiel suddenly starts singing/screaming

    I don't know if it's bad or good, but just in case it's bad I want to check here. The title says it all, he's only been here a few days would barely chirp and now he's just going. I'll whistle he'll stop for a second and then he'll keep going
  7. Nukavine

    Cockatiel's stressful first day

    Okay, so I'm new to being a bird owner and I recently bought a Cockatiel. I got the same food brand from where he came from and I named him Sol. He doesn't have clipped wings, they put him in a box and we failed to get him in the cage and he flew into the corner. I had a friend with me that day...
  8. C

    New budgie

    I'm a new owner of a budgie. I've had her for a few months now and bonding is tough. I've studied as much as I can and been very patient with her. But no matter what I do she's still scared to come close to me. I need some advise. I don't know what to do now.
  9. layinlow

    Smoking in car

    hello! I have a cockatiel about 9 months old named Mikaela. I’ve been worried because I’m on an 8 hour trip to another state, and we have decided to bring him with us. We are visiting the country so there will be a lot of clean air for him, though right now a big concern has come up for me.. I...
  10. Roo4422

    Help! New amazon

    Hello all, i wouls like to start off by stating that i am very new to parrot ownership and that I am thankful for any input! Lolo is a 13-20 y/o Amazon, I got her given to me 3 days ago from a woman who owns the barn I board my horse at. She was wanting to rehome her due to her not having...
  11. T

    New to forum, looking for some advise

    Hello, so I just recently (about 6 days ago) got my first bird which is a cockatiel, I’ve wanted one for so Long and now finally I got him as a early birthday present. I wanna make sure he is happy and stress free but I don’t have hands on experience with birds. Any tips on what to do and what...
  12. CoryM

    Adding a 3rd female?

    Hi, I’m very new to the Avian pet community, my first two being my female budgies named Piper and Bebe, and let’s just say every day is a new learning challenge. Piper and Bebe are not yet tamed, they won’t perch on my finger, and fly away whenever my hand is in the cage. They won’t leave...
  13. J


    So my neighbour has a 1 year old budgie who`s parents have an egg right now, and i she told me that if i wanted, when the the egg hatches i could have the bird and i personally think it will be a good idea cause my neighbour can give me tips, as she has owned and owns many different birds...
  14. MajesticOcelol

    What seed to get for budgies? (UK)

    I'm getting a budgie, but a lot sooner than I anticipated. I'm aware a lot of brands of mass produced budgie seed are bad for them, but I'm getting it in the next week and live in a remote area and don't have time to order a organic/healthy seed mix. Does anyone live in the UK and know of a good...
  15. alocia

    GCC companion?

    Recently I have gotten a GCC and I absolutely love him to pieces. My dad, as reluctant as he was to get a bird, is also obsessed with him, and thinks he is adorable ^-^. We are looking to get another parrot soon, preferably a small bird that can live in his current cage. (it is tiny and we...